Move Any Furniture Safely in 5 Simple Steps

Move Any Furniture Safely in 5 Simple Steps

Moving furniture is not a big deal, but it still needs some safety steps as follows.

  1. Check your furniture if it is decently heavy or easy to scratch.

You can’t lift heavy items yourself, which inevitably means you need to make it lighter. For this purpose, you have to remove the drawers, take the table legs off, shelves, and keep them separately. For shifting beds, you need to disassemble it unless you are not sure that you can move it without removing, but it requires more persons to lift over. Easily scratch-able items can make you more sensitive, so cover them with a moving pad or blanket or something else that can cover them safely. Use tape or shrink-wrap to secure them.

2. Find the best way to move your furniture out.

The more extensive the way, the more suitable for your hands grasping that valuable nightstand, and for the item itself. Use a measuring tape before passage to make sure it would pass through the doorway or not.

3. Leather upholstered furniture requires protection before any transportation.

Spend some little money for buying pad or blankets to cover as it is a cheaper way to protect your belongings. It is less costly than the expensive leather couch on which you have already spent a fortune on.

4. We all love IKEA furniture for its affordability, cool design, and convenience.

Your furniture can’t survive for long-distance road vibrations; you need to make it secure by tightening screws or nails first. Use a shrink-wrapper, it will help your furniture to protect against the damage during the vibrations.

5. Glass, mirrors, stone plates and other easily breakable stuff.

Blankets and cardboards are a perfect combination for glass-covered furniture, so be wise and use those for every piece. Marble covered twice with a blanket will not say thanks to you, but this is the best way to get your sculpture in the same condition as it was before.

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