Save Money While Moving

9 Ways to Save Money on Your Moving in Dubai

It looks extremely exciting to move your business or house from one place to another. But moving isn’t easy as it sounds. That means when you move house you require a lot of struggle and money as well. The good news is that there are various ways that you can use to save money on your move. After reading this guide, you will be able to know how to cut down your moving expenses. You will also have a brief idea about how movers and packers in Dubai determine the moving cost.

Below, we have mentioned some tips that you can follow to move on a tight budget. But before we proceed to those tips for saving money while moving, first you have to know that what are the main factors that affect the price of moving.

Main moving cost factors

Three main factors affect moving cost while moving that is 

  • The size of items:

As a general rule of thumb! The more the number of items, the more it would be costly. It also means your weight and size of stuff affect moving charges. For example, relocating from a studio apartment has fewer items as compared to a house that occupies more stuff.

  • Moving distance:

If your new house is far from your current location then surely you have to pay more money on moving as compare to a short distance. 

  • Types of transportation you hire:

The size of the vehicle also affects moving expenses. For example, if you choose a personal truck (consumes more fuel) for shifting then you have to pay more as compared with a carrier open car.

  • Moving Day:

If you are living in Dubai, then you already know that Friday is a non-working day. Moving companies in Dubai may charge you more for hiring them on busy days. So, if you hire them on holiday, it will cost you more than other weekdays.

  • Additional Charges:

If you want movers and packers to pack your items with specific packing material. Then they may demand you to pay extra charges for that. Moreover, you might face extra charges more if you live on top of the building. As a result, movers have to make multiple up and down trips to bring down bulky furniture.

Now, let’s move to crucial steps to save money on moving.

9 easy ways to save money on your move

money saving tips for moving

Moving by yourself

It is the best way to make your house moving cheaper. If you have fewer items then it’s possible to move by yourself. Because when you have fewer items to move, you can move without packing. And also, you don’t need to hire any truck to move less stuff. In this way, you are saving packing and renting expenditures. 

Make a list of wanted and unwanted items

Making a shortlist of useable and non-useable stuff and separate them from each other. Avoid taking unnecessary items like:

  • Old outfits
  • Extra jars
  • Damage machines
  • Old notebooks
  • Extra furniture

By decluttering, you are reducing the number of items. Moreover, through this, you are also saving space for the vehicle. It means before this process if you were needed a large transport. After this, now it surprisingly reduced to a small vehicle.

Sell unneeded items 

If your non-useable items are in good condition and able to reuse then it is a golden time to earn money through these. You can set up a garage or backyard sale for extra stuff. You can also sell them online sale/purchase websites and on different social media platforms like:

  • Olx
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook community

Through this, you can earn some money that will help you to cover up some of your expenses for moving. 

Get help from friends

To reduce moving expenses with the help from buddies and other family members. Call them to assist you in packing your belongings. If your friends have some truck or any other vehicle that will help you in shifting then it would be a plus point for you. In this way, you just need to pay for some eatable items. However, there are some drawbacks to get their help as well. 

Save money on moving Supplies

Purchasing moving boxes and packing bags use up a good amount of your budget. However, you can get them for free. Yes! read it right. You have to do some little effort to get free moving boxes from several resources. Look in your community who have recently moved and ask them to provide cardboard boxes for free. However, they could ask you to pay some money for them, but it is better to pay fewer bucks than buying new ones. In the following, I have mentioned some resources where you can get them for free.

  • Petco
  • Office Depot
  • Walgreens
  • Target
  • Starbucks
  • Costco
  • Dollar Tree
  • Dollar Store
  • Right-Aid

Choose moving vehicle wisely

If you are moving in your local area or at walking distance then you can easily move with no extra effort. Long-distance moving always needs a truck for shifting. That is why avoid unnecessary stuff. Check the market’s rates to hire shipping medium wisely. Choose the best one to avoid backfire. You can also try to convince them to book at a low price.

Before booking, keep in mind the following points to maintain your moving budget.

  • Avoid busy days

As we know that moving on the busiest day always charges more than other normal days. So, try to choose any usual day to save extra money while moving. In Dubai, avoid Friday for moving and choose any other day. Same like this don’t make any moving program on holidays like Eid, New Year, Christmas, and Independence Day, etc.

  • Choose the best time to move

Same like busy days you have to think about the moving time also. Don’t plan your moving program on starting and ending of any month. If you have a long-distance to move then you can arrange a storage room to keep your stuff for a temporary time. Mostly you will find cheap moving charges at mid of the week and month.

Search out the best moving company with affordable rates

If you can’t move by yourself and feel difficulty due to a shortage of timing. Then you have to increase your budget a little bit more and try to search for an affordable moving company. You can also try to make their prices low after a little negotiating. According to Zillow, per hour local moving cost is about $80- $100, and interstate moving rates are $2,000 -$5,000. So before booking, make a rough estimate about market prices. Through this, you will spend some extra money. Yes! It is a little bit expensive as compare with self-moving. But, you need not worry about packing to relocating to another place. They guarantee you to move your items carefully. Their professionals will complete your moving task in just 1-2 days.


So, choose the best way either self-moving if you have a low budget or by professionals if you can spend some extra money. If you want to save money on moving then you need to make a proper strategy from moving to the packing of items. Separate useless goods are essential for cheap moving. Always maintain a social relation between your friends and co-worker. So, you can easily convince them to help you with packing and shipping. If you have fewer things, then don’t book large vehicles for shipping. Avoid busiest days for moving as they charge high on special days. We hope this article will help you to save money on your move.

Best Mover offers affordable moving packages that are fully customizable. You can choose any of our service and their packages according to your needs and budget. Whether you want to move out from UAE or within the state, we can help you in both scenarios. We are just a call away. Get your free moving quote. Call 0556163054 or fill our online form to hire us.


why you should hire professional packers and mover in Dubai

Why You Should Hire A Professional Mover

10 Reasons To Hire Professional Movers and Packers in Dubai

Moving to a new location is full of thrill and excitement. And that happiness can only last if your moving is complete without interruption. The best option to do is hire professional movers and packers in Dubai, and the good reason to choose them is they are experts. Also, you could increase your chances of having a hassle-free moving experience with the help of them.

Many times, your house items damage by moving them yourself. And the reason is you do not know about moving. This is an important event of your life where you can experience success or failure at the same time. Professional movers save your time and protect your belongings efficiently. They have skills in their profession to ensure you have stress-free move. They are trained to complete challenging tasks efficiently. In bellow, we have discussed in detail about the reasons to hire professional movers.

Why Should You Hire Professional Movers and Packers?

1. Set Back and Relax

Having professional movers at your back solves your many problems and provides hassle-free moving service. They have skills and years of experience to ensure you that moving to a new location is not a big deal for them. Their priority is to secure your furniture and other items to complete every task smoothly. You do not need to worry about it. They know the best way to deal with your heavy items, so you need to set back and watch their work.

2. Reliability and authenticity

If you are moving on a short notice, then the most reliable option is to hire professional movers in Dubai. Rather than trying to move on your own or with the help of friends. The team of expert moving company undergo hard training. Through that, they learn different strategies and techniques for transporting your belongings safely.

Always hire those movers that completely meet your specific needs and requirements. If you are only looking for cheap movers, it’s not a good idea because most of the affordable movers are involved in fraudulent activities. Reliable movers could expensive, but you are sure your possessions are in expert hands.

3. Inventory Process

Look for a responsible mover instead of cheap because they are accountable for your items. They ensure you that all of your items will arrive at your doorsteps safely. Relocation without professional movers is full of risk and stress. You could face a stressful moving experience with an unprofessional moving company.

Always keep in mind that the only reason to hire professional movers and packers in Dubai is accountability. That means if any of your items damage, the company recover damage to your item. That’s why if you avoid choosing them, you are responsible for every cause of damage.

4. Smooth and quick

One of the best advantages of hiring professionals is their ability to work better than others. With the help of them, you can accelerate and simplify thy moving process. They are quick, do perform work smoothly. They are fast and unstoppable. So, when you hire them, they give you a time and date to transport your belongings to your new home.

5. Deal with Heavy Items

Every moving includes the lifting of heavy items in it, and without proper training, it can lead to some serious injuries. Also, it can cause back pain and other health issues if you try to lift heavy furniture yourself. Hiring a professional moving company is a good idea. And after that, you are no longer need to lift them by yourself. Once you hire them, they will do all of it for you. They have the skill and experience to deal with heavy items smoothly. Movers will lift and load them into trucks by using moving trollies and other equipment. Movers have special training to lift bulky items and handle it better than ordinary people.

6. Fulfil Moving Needs 

A professional moving company always believes in quality and safe work. They avoid arguing with their customers for providing reasonable price packages. Also, they fulfill all your moving needs at a decided cost. These professional movers and packers maintain your trust. They Never do irresponsible work, which makes a negative impact on customers.

7. Safe Process

For a moving company, the first priority is to complete your move easily and safely. They only have one thing in mind to keep the safety of your goods in focus. Movers start with packing and then lifting items. They watch every step before doing anything.

8. Expert Movers

Every expert mover wants to provide a safe, quick, and smooth moving experience. Highly trained and well-certified companies treat their customers with respect and provide the best customer support team. They confirm your booking online instantly by asking for some necessary information.

9. Free Moving Estimates

The professional moving company always provides a free survey. Where they analyze your furniture and the distance of a new location. They gave you a full price package without any hidden price. Hiring a moving company helps you to save your money. It looks costly, but when going in depth you found plenty of mental relaxation after hiring them.

10. Hassle-Free

If you ask for help from your friends or family members, some of them might refuse, and some agree with you. But they don’t have any knowledge about moving so when you start with them there is plenty of risk factor of damage. Packing your whole house furniture is not an easy task for you. It may be costly and difficult to complete your packing fast. On other side, if you hire a mover, they are fast, experts and pack your whole house without giving you any hassle.

Hassle-free move means you don’t have to worry about any loss, damage, or anything. Just sit back and watch the experts pack, lift and complete your whole move in no time. They know the value of customer’s money, so they do their 100% to protect your items from damage and save your money.

Free Time

The big and most important benefit of hiring movers is that in moving you have more free time for your family. In this valuable time, you can focus and enjoy yourself with your family. In the end, hiring movers in Dubai is the best choice for your moving experience.


When you have hired Best Mover, you don’t have to worry about losing or damaging your furniture. All moving companies in Dubai commit to deliver their best service and ensure you get value for your money. Best Mover is one of the expert and professional movers in Dubai with more than 13 years of business experience. Contact us right now!

ultimate moving checklist

Moving Checklist – Everything you need to know

Moving in Dubai? The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving is a nerve-wracking job. We have to deal with it. You don’t have to worry about it. We’ve set up a terrific list of moving companies in references to help you stay on track. You receive some instructions and read this week by week self-moving checklist for you. You will know for sure that you will do everything before the moving day. Moreover, you will have a great deal of time to celebrate.

Moving Checklist for things to do when moving house

moving checklist

Week 8 earlier your move

1-Seek relocation services

First, you need to comprehend how you want to move. Can you move yourself or would you prefer to hire professionals? Make sure to consider your budget and then decide. In all honesty, if you are going to lease movers then, check their customer review section. Not all the moving companies in Dubai are reliable ones. Some of them are scammers and can harm you and your property. 

2-Pay a visit to your new society

Before you move to the new house, make sure to visit your new community. Further, try to have some positive interaction with them. It will help you out to adjust there. Moreover, you will have a better feel for the new area’s localities and conveniences.

3-Make budget in an appropriate manner

When hiring a moving company, make sure to figure out your total budget for relocation. Furthermore, If you are looking to hire the best movers and packers in Dubai for a long-distance move, you must have $5000 in your pocket. Likewise, if you search for movers for a local move, you should have $1000 with you. Yet, if moving for a job, ask your manager if the company is paying for it. 

4-Get estimation from expert movers

Before hiring a moving company in Dubai, contact at least three of them to get a quote. To prevent shocks, make sure the movers do a complete survey of your home belongings. Either they perform the inspection by visiting your house. Or they make a video examination of your property before giving the calculations. Moreover, ask them whether the estimate is obligatory or without any obligation.

Week 6 earlier your move

1-Plan the moving time with movers

Finally, it’s the time when you schedule the movers in Dubai. While deciding a date for your move, never forget that it will affect the cost of relocation. Moving during the peak seasons, like, May to September will cost more. In the same way, weekends are the days when most people do the relocation process. So, try to avoid moving at these times if your budget is low.

2-Begin usage of refrigerated food and store items

If you are planning to bring the store food with you, it will save you money. Like, you do not have to stay at expensive restaurants and pay for high-priced food. But if you do not want that unused food to take with you, donate it. You can donate non-perishables to your local food bank. Despite that, you can hire one of Move for Hunger’s relocation companies.

3-Devise a strategy for the packaging process

Before the packaging process, make a timetable for boxing up your things. First, pack all your non-essentials. Like, your books, electronic appliances, and home decoration items. In the end, pack essentials. These include kitchen items, clothing, and many other things. These are the items you need in the days preceding your move. 

4-Sell items you use less

Are you sure if your possessions will serve a purpose in your new house? I guess it is time to sell them. Many charity stores will accept your mild-use, second-hand items. These include old clothes and old-fashioned furniture from your house. Moreover, you can use social media sites like Facebook to sell them.

Week 4 earlier your move

1-Start packing your possessions

It is the time when you will pack your belongings. Start with unneeded ones like winter clothes, books, and many other things. Make sure to pack all delicate items with extreme care. Furthermore, label all boxes on the top with a black marker.

2-Inform your family about the move

Have you told your family and friends about your moving day? If not, then it is time to let them know. If you do not have the time to meet the person by person, make a phone call. Letting people know about your move through social media sites is an efficient and easy way.

Week 2 earlier your move

1-Wash your old house

Keep it in mind that there are certain things to do before you move into a new house. This little effort of yours can save the house cleaning fee. Moreover, it saves you from charging against your security deposit. Likewise, clean out the fridge and storeroom as well. 

2-Examine old home with the landlord

Are you paying rent? Carry out a final inspection with your current landlord before your move. Make sure to discuss damages with him to prevent a deduction from the security deposit. If there’s conflict, remember that it’s better to deal in-person than over the phone call.

Day of relocation

1-Take record of belongings

Take inventory of your possessions. Through this, you have an idea of what the movers are transporting and what did you pack. Make sure to check the driver’s inventory sheet. Take pictures of fragile stuff for insurance purposes.

2-Drop the keys

Are you planning to come back after your move to solve the problems? Move forward and hand over the keys to the new landlord.

Last words for Moving Checklist

So, we hope this moving checklist would help you whenever you plan to move. If you want to hire professional movers in Dubai, Best Mover is the company to go.

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