Why are we the Best Movers in UAE?

Our mission is to provide quality services and moving solution to our respected customers at affordable prices.



No.1 Moving company in Dubai

Your search stops here if you are looking Movers and packers in Dubai, UAE. Dubai Movers is one of the leading movers and packers company in the moving industry. Our client's trust and satisfaction is our achievement and success. We don't compromise on quality

Affordable Price

We don't fleece the clients or overcharged. We only charge which is decided before moving without any hidden or additional charges. We thoroughly take care of all Moving and packing problems. Get a free quote before moving and see how affordable and economical we are?

24/7 Quick Services

In case of emergency moving, we respond quickly. So, don't worry, you can call us on +971 55 6163 054 to start the process. We have a team of committed and experts who understand the client's needs and urgency. You will get amazed by how we sort out your moving issues.


Are you looking for a Professional Pet shipping in Dubai? Check out the best mover who can mover your pet to anywhere in the world.

If you are planning to Get services of you loved one’s pet shifting locally in Dubai, or Globally Best Mover can provide you with the best solution at no hidden cost.

We have highly decorated, tech Vehicles for moving pets with making sure about their comfortability.

Best movers have moved more than 1300 cats and dogs from UAE to UK, USA, France, Germany, Ireland and India successfully. Best mover also helps you in getting pet transportation permit from authorities of your destination country. We have a legal expert team to advise you in all cases regarding pet relocation.

How to Export Pets from UAE?

Are you looking for a professional pet shipping company? Which can help you get your pets shipped to your new location? Well, give yourself the tap on the back as you are standing at the right place. Yes, we are a highly acclaimed pet shipping company in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. We will help you get your pet relocation done as per your specific needs and anywhere around the world.

We have the professionals will take complete care of your pets and make sure that they are shipped without any sort of harm. Whether you are looking for dog shipping service or cat shipping service, we will have everything covered for you. We have all the facilities in our tank to make sure your pets feel comfortable while being relocated to the new destination.


Thinking about what makes us one of the best pet transport service providers in Dubai, take a look:

  • We have highly experienced and professional pet movers in our team to help you with quality shipping services.
  • We have a big transport network to help you get your pet relocated anywhere around the world without any kind of hassle.
  • We have a very precisely designed way for girls to provide pet shipping services where they can feel entirely comfortable.
  • We have successfully moved numbers of dogs and cats around the world so. You can completely trust us and get your pet shipping needs covered without any problems.

Why select Best mover for Relocate Your Pet Dubai?

We can relocate your pet via road or air depends on your package and budget. We also have an option of SEA transportation which is little bit low cost as compared to air and road transportation.

Check out our specialities regarding pet shipping below.

  • We have strong communication skills with pets.
  • Exceptional food and water system for pet
  • Professional medication and health team specialized doctors
  • Special Pet-friendly environment for animals, their movement, exercises and toilets.

How will you be able to provide pet shipping services in Dubai?

Well, we are here to serve you with that relocation services with the best of experience. Yes, whether you want to opt for Pet relocation by air or pet shipping by Sea, we are here to serve you with your needs. We have all the utility designed and organized to make sure that your pets are taken to the new destination in the best possible manner. We make sure that they get all the comfort facilities so that they do not get on the while being relocated. Whether it’s a dog or a cat or any other part, we will take complete care of it and make sure they are transferred to the new destination in the best possible manner.

Pet Shipping and Relocation Worldwide

Best movers have been working as a team with the live Few options like Sea Freight, Air transport, Road shipping of animal in the cargo market. Each pet’s relocation is treated as a family member.

We are experts in arranging safe trans-portion which is comfortable for your pet, and we think you will enjoy this transportation ever.

Contact us for immediate response and Queries on WhatsApp at 00971 55 6163054

What makes you the best pet shipping service providers in Dubai?

We have the best-trained movers in our team who can help you get your dog and cat-shaped with ease anywhere around the world. We have the best technology and facilities in please so that the parents can relax and feel safe while being relocated to their new destination. Being one of the best movers in Dubai, we have the legal team to help you with any sort of case while relocating your furry buddy.

So, with us, you can be fully assured that your parents are with the safest hands in the business while being transferred to their new home. Taking complete care of the pets is our responsibility, and we always maintain that with full commitment. So, you will have it covered from all sides while hiring our pet shipping services in Dubai. Take a look at the service highlights while hiring our movers:

  • We will take complete care of your pets, health, exercises, and feeding activities while being transmitted to a new location.
  • We will also help you with complete assistance that is from door to door, pick up and getting the relocation completed as required.
  • You can be assured that with our experienced and skilful movers, there will be nothing fraud or scam-related issues. Furniture mover
  • We always work to provide friendly and safe pet relocation services.

What is your approach while providing pet moving services?

We understand the purpose and the destination as they strategist any kind of move. When it is about providing pet moving services, we make sure that everything is there with us, which can help the pet remains comfortable and calm while being on the move. We have highly skilled pet movers in our team who will thoroughly help you have your pet get relocated with complete ease. We take care of each facility which will affect your pets while getting shipped to the new location.

Our prime objective has always been to take responsibility and make sure that they are getting relocated without being harmed in any way. As per your location, we will decide which route to take. Whether it’s by road or through the air, we have it all covered for you. According to your budget, we will help you with the respective pet shipping services. Below mention a few of the points which highlight our pet shipping services and makes us one of the best in the business compared to others, take a look:

Pet transport service near me

  • Our professional movers have excellent skills with which they can communicate with the pets and understand their needs.
  • We have everything organized while getting your pets relocated. From water system to particular foods, we will have it all covered for you.
  • We also have proper medication and health system facilities it infuses day so that they can get the required attention right away while being on the move.
  • We have designed our vehicles in the unique nature-friendly environment which can help the animals to remain the same while being relocated.

So, this shows how we stand out when it comes to providing pet shipping services. You can always trust us and get your pet shipping needs covered without any kind of fuss.

Do you want to relocate pets worldwide?

Yes, being the best movers in Dubai, we have a team which can live up to your expectation when it’s come to providing pet shipping services anywhere around the world. We have the best facilities available to help your pet reach the required designation with ease and without any kind of hurdles. We have the best facilities to arrange safe and secure transportation for your pets and make sure that they get relocated with fun.

So, rather than thinking twice, hire our services right away and get the best pet shipping experience with us!

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