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Hiring Movers and Packers in Dubai Marina

Hiring Movers and Packers in Dubai Marina at Affordable Price

Hiring movers and packers in Dubai Marina can be a curse or a gift. If you’re planning on moving, for someone, this may be a time of high stress. So much to do little time. Not really. It all starts with planning. If you start planning early, this will give you time to hire the perfect company for your moving and packing needs.

The city in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, attracts migrants from far and near. People move to this city because of its high standards of better employment opportunities, living, and rich culture. Many people who have relocated their homes to Dubai from any part of the United Arab Emirates appreciate the packing and moving services provided by Movers in Dubai. Counted among packers and the top best movers in Dubai Marina, Dubai Movers prides itself on its excellent services. We take care of all of the packing and tasks related to office, your house, or any other relocation.

Expert House Moving Company in Dubai Marina

Our expert of movers and packers in Dubai Marina makes use of the top quality materials to provide a professional packaging to the items. They label them and load them. Once the load is delivered to your address in Dubai, our packers and movers unload the things and unpack them for your convenience.

While packing, loading, or unloading the items, we guarantee that every product is handled cautiously to prevent harm. We provide a reliable storage facility for any storage to make your moving experience pleasant and tension-free. At a competitive cost, you can get in touch with us anytime to get the best movers and packers in Dubai Marina.

How to hire professional & Best Movers in Dubai Marina?

It would be best if you start by going through all of your stuff. The more organized you are, the more smoothly things will proceed. Eliminate some of your items can be challenging. If you’re having a hard time — try this method. Figure out what stays and what goes. Label what your hired movers and packers in Dubai Marina will be moving.

Do so by buying colored stickers and designate 1 color for” moving” and another for” not going.” Create three piles. One pile will be the” definitely take,” yet another will be” possibly make,” and another will be” for sure not taking.” Now that you’ve had everything organized, you can sit back and allow packers and your best movers in Marina to do their job.

Best Movers in Dubai Marina

Why Choose Movers and Packers in Dubai Marina?

When searching for moving and packing services in Marina, things can get quite stressful. Some narratives can be misleading. Here at Best Movers, we place a whole lot on transparency. Therefore, whatever our customer’s service pros relay to you and packers service, that is precisely what it will be. Best Movers and packers in Dubai are a dime a dozen.

We’re the best moving and packing service because of our years of expertise. We’re continually improving on our client service. In precisely the same vein, our employee training plan hasn’t been bested and apart from that. We strive to maintain our reputation as the best movers and packers in Dubai Marina. It has earned us rave reviews with repeat clients and has made our movers highly sought after. It would be our pleasure to offer our services.

movers in Dubai Marina

The Best Movers in Dubai Marina for Office and House Moving.

Are you planning to move your office or house to Dubai Marina? Moving a house is more comfortable than moving an office. Because various office items need extra care and the best management.
But don’t need to worry about that.

Best Mover can help you to shift your home or office to a new location. Best Mover is a professional moving company in Dubai Marina that you can trust for your business. We have years of experience in moving houses, furniture, and other items. Rest assured, your belongings are in expert hands.

Interested in Moving and Packing Services?

Are you interested in packing and moving services? Best Movers have been performing moves in Dubai for over 15 years. We treat customers like family and go the extra mile. Receive a free moving and packing quote now!

Contact us now for the best movers in Dubai Marina. Book your order of furniture movers now.

Call 0558683123 to hire movers in Dubai Marina or mail [email protected]

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8 Benefits of Hiring Moving Company in Dubai

8 Benefits of Hiring Moving Company in Dubai

One of the main reasons to hire a local moving company in Dubai is that they know each area of your city. But this doesn’t mean you give your item in any local moving company. You have to be careful before hiring any moving companies in Dubai. There are several things you need to keep in mind before hiring a local moving company. One of the main points about their experience. Not every moving company is reliable as Best Mover.

local movers in Dubai

Why Hire a Moving Company in Dubai

If you are living in a busy city like Dubai or planning to move to another town, you have to face many hassles before moving. Moving is not an easy job for everyone, as it is a stressful job. There are a few things that are necessary for moving. First of all, you have to do some paperwork (legal work) and then packing of the goods, etc. You might feel that you can all do this without hiring local movers in Dubai, but it is only possible if you have moved many times before. If you are moving the first time, then it is not going well as planned.

moving company in Dubai

Things you might get without hiring a moving company benefits

Without hiring a local moving company in Dubai, you can face these issues on the way. You might have injured while lifting heavy things, and you may lose your precious items like fragile or glass made items or furniture, etc. You can prevent all of this, hire a local professional mover, and this will cost you only a few bucks, but this money will be worth it in the last. Here are we are discussing some benefits of hiring moving companies in Dubai.

Below are 8 benefits of Hiring Moving Company in Dubai


Moving can be difficult and can lead to an unsuccessful moving with the result of broken items. Whereas, if you go with hire movers, all you need to do is to set your moving date and time properly, and they will do it all of this for you. There are 0% issues at the last minute if you hire a moving company in Dubai.


Moving can result in injuries and an unsecured move. For this purpose, you will not have to hire a moving truck and load your items, but also it will take your day to pack the things and all other stuff into cardboard boxes. It will not end here; you will have to label each of every case and to remember which box is which, it will waste all your time. Hiring a local mover can remove all these hassles from you.

Once you hire movers to move your furniture or other belongings, they will not only shift your possessions, but they will also do the packing and labelling for you. In this way, you will save a lot of your time for focusing on other legal paper works instead of wasting for packing and labelling.


Preventing any injuries, during the moving, might be the first thing you want to deal with. If you own large things of furniture that you want to move, it might be painful for you. Getting hire movers to move furniture or getting services of moving companies will make things easier for you. They will shift your furniture in and out of the truck and help you to assemble and disassemble the furniture.

Hire a cheap local mover or hire movers to unload the truck and save plenty of your time, yourself, and your family to prevent injuries.


The biggest advantage of hiring a moving company in Dubai is that they won’t only shift your belongings without a hitch but also on time. If you are planning to move your stuff alone, moving cannot be a one-day job. First, you have to buy boxes from the market and pack all your things in them. Secondly, then you have to label these boxes, each box, to help you remember which item is in which box.

These are all the hassles that you can face, but you can prevent form it by hiring a local movers and packers company. This moving company will help you to move your stuff safely wherever you want.


Hiring a professional moving company in Dubai to move a trained and experienced team will help you out with all the queries. There are a lot of moving companies that facilitate you to give you in-house estimates. In this way, you get a chance to let them visit your house and show what all you need to shift. This method helps both of you and the moving company to give a proper price for it. So, it’s an excellent way to prevent yourself from facing any surprise charges. Moreover, these companies will never ask you for advance payment before moving.


Hiring a moving truck on rent can lead to a bunch of issues, and hence it’s a waste of time and money. You don’t know how much it will take up for one or two objects, which can lead to more than one trip. This way is not going to help you as it will cost you more and will take more time. The solution to handle this situation is to hire a local mover who will ensure you pack everything and ready to go.


In moving business, it’s professionals’ movers are those who have prior experience. This experience helps them to know what questions may be asked and how to deal with these questions and answer them properly. Getting help from these moving companies can do the job faster than doing it alone.

You will save your time, money, and energy. You can utilize this time in decorating the interior or save your fuel as you know you don’t have to make multiple trips.


The price tag is the first thing that will come into your mind as to whether or not to hire a moving company in Dubai. People feel like it is valuable or worth paying for hire movers to unload a truck or lifting heavy things. It’s always worthy of hiring a local mover and can save you money in the long run.

The main reason for hiring local moving companies in Dubai which are also the fact that they are professionals in their work, and they have professional tools that indeed make your move safe and easy. Everyone who wants to do moving alone is not professional and expert in this field either. It can only happen if you have gone multiple times before. But there are some issues that may occur, you don’t even know what surprises you might face. It can result in losing more money for truck fuel or the wrecking or losing your stuff.

Hiring a professional movers and packers company can save you a lot. So, always prefer to hire local moving company in Dubai than on your own.


We have mentioned 8 benefits of hiring local movers. These listed benefits will surely change your mind to hire a local moving company than doing a job alone. It is convenient to hire a local mover to have a relaxed and stress-free relocation.

You can get a list of local moving companies in Dubai with the help of Google.

Hiring a moving company near me

Best Mover is a local moving company in Dubai which is giving moving services for the last 13 years in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and within the whole UAE. You can contact us or call +971558683123 for your upcoming moving. Call without any hesitation we provide our clients with in-house surveys without any charges.


list of Questions to Ask Before Hiring Moving Companies in Dubai

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Moving Companies in Dubai

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Moving Companies in Dubai

Choosing the best movers and packers in Dubai can reduce your stress of difficult task packing and moving. For the ease of moving, do a favour to yourself by hiring the right moving company. As there are so many professional moving companies are working in your city, it is quite difficult to decide which will do your move perfectly. The following are mentioned 5 questions to ask your moving companies in Dubai before hiring them.

1. Give Me Three References

Check out their background. Ask them how long they are in the business of moving. Request quotes, check their website, ask about their experience, references from at least three movers and their reviews on the internet. Check with the business bureau, if someone has filed any complaint against them. Always make sure they are licensed, certified and insured packers and movers in Dubai before making your decision.

2. What services do you offer?

All the moves do not require equal moving services, sometimes large items only require on part of the move. Like, if you have a pool table, a car or a piano, that needs to be moved, ask your residential company in Dubai for specialized services you need. Inquire if this is possible that you only need them to help in a specific part of the move. For example, you rent a truck and they load it.

3. Do you offer an in-house estimate?

Many of the moving companies in Dubai give you estimates over phone calls but, it is necessary for you to get in-house estimates from three movers in Dubai. Compare their services one by one. Always try to get everything in the paper.

4. Will you create an inventory of my belongings?

Creating an inventory of belonging is a very helpful tool for you as you can secure your items. Professional moving companies in Dubai do it for all of your belongings to help keep a record. This method helps you in confirming that everything has moved safely.

5. What happens if something gets broken?

No one is perfect and professional moving companies in Dubai can break things too. It is wise to ask moving company in Dubai what happens if something gets broken? Many moving companies in Dubai offer options to repair or replace items in case of breakage. If your moving company in Dubai provides this option with a high quote, this may be the smarter choice. After your move, check correctly to make sure all items reached safely and without damage. Walkthrough your assets to ensure movers did not break any wall and other areas. If you see anything, miss, after the movers leave, make a call and report it ASAP. Help others by online reviewing their moving company in Dubai.

moving companies in Dubai

Best Moving Companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for a professional moving company in Dubai? Are you planning to relocate to a different region?

The additional concern of how you are going to move your belongings is even more stressful in itself. That’s why if you are considering moving to or within Dubai. We pride ourselves in your continued professionalism that we employ and embed into our removal services hence making us. Find out the moving companies in Dubai who provide professional first choice relocation services. When you’re planning to relocate but out of budget. Here you choose a Standard and professional relocation company in Dubai. Best movers is that who has qualities and hands-on.

moving companies in Dubai - best movers and packers in Dubai

Affordable Storage Packages-

It is common for business customers to require storage face while they are moving from one location to the other. As a professional moving company in Dubai that provides all-round solutions, we also offer storage facilities.

  • We have safe and secure storage units of different sizes that you can choose from.
  • Units for storing goods and furniture
  • Best office equipment movers in Business bay Location.
  • Fast and best movers and packers Services

Best Movers are UAE based Relocation company provides the best storage solutions and operating from Abu Dhabi & Dubai. We have professional teams who exclusively reserved for consultations, plans and executions that help us provide a comprehensive package of highly personalized and the best moving services in Dubai from and to any part of the globe.

Best Moving Company in dubai

Packers and Movers in Abu Dhabi

Whether you want to move domestically or to another country, we can help you with the solutions you need. We provide comprehensive relocation services and offer storage facilities as well. This means you need look for further than our moving company in Dubai for all of your packing and moving requirements. If you have ever tried to move without any professional help, you would know exactly how frustrating and time-consuming the entire effort can be.

Best Movers in Abu Dhabi

Finding movers in Abu Dhabi is not a tough task to accomplish you simply visit dubizzle and you can see hundreds of movers removals but In recent years we’ve provided professional moving and packing services.

If you are moving home or office, we have years of experience in the relocation industry. We offer a full scope of Movers in Abu Dhabi services with excellent supervision to suit everyone’s needs, from families to businesses and companies across the UAE.

Top-Rated Villa movers in Sharjah and business Bay

Villa shifting is no more a burden. You can recreate your home in another space like the previous Villa or maybe more beautiful that it through the moving company in Dubai. Best Movers lets you experience the un-experienced.

Our skilled and efficient workers know really what they are doing and makes no compromise in the efficiency of their work.

Movers in Sharjah does not only mean to pick up stuff from one location to another location. Shifting is also itself a process which starts with communication between a customer and enterprise.

The conversation leads to a proper deal in which all the terms and conditions take place between two parties. Then this deal results in relocating stuff with the help of our professional House Movers Sharjah

Villa Movers and Packers in Business Bay We are supporting severs clients from various parts of the UAE to go from their new properties and households hassle-free.

Also Moving a house in Business Bay is simply like uprooting a grown tree and then safely planting it again. The geographical significance of Business Bay makes it very difficult for a new individual to settle down.

Our professional group of movers no longer only relocate you to your new house however additionally make you experience at domestic there.

So, whenever you need moving companies in Dubai, do not hesitate to choose the best moving company in Dubai for your next move. Best Mover is always ready to help you to move your house anywhere. Call 0558683123 or mail [email protected]

dismantle furniture without hiring moving company in abu dhabi

How to Disassemble Furniture Without Hiring Moving Company in Abu Dhabi

How to Disassemble Furniture Without Hiring Moving Company in Abu Dhabi?

Initiating With Disassembling Process of Furniture Moving:

Whenever there is something bulky to move, you must get it divided into small segments so that it becomes easier for you to get relocated. You can always consider taking the assistance of reliable furniture moving company in Abu Dhabi, where you will be able to move furniture without any difficulties. To make it easier, you can also follow the mention steps and get that bulky furniture relocated without any difficulties at all:

Steps that professional moving companies in Abu Dhabi use to dismantle furniture. 

Step1: Know what is essential and what not

At first, you must decide the importance of moving the respective furniture to the new location. It would be best if you were sure that this furniture is essential and worth it to be relocated. There is no point moving something which is not required anymore because it will not only save time and effort but also a lot of money as well.

So, you need to assess your furniture correctly and then understand it is required in your new location or not. If it is essential for you to have it relocated, then you designed a proper process so that you can have it covered without costing you much and that too without single damage at all.

Step2: Big Items

Next, you must understand how you can get to the big furniture restructured. You can open the doors and handles your furniture and try to make it easier to carry. This will undoubtedly help you have it relocated without any issue at all.

It is essential to get it relocated adequately, and this can only be done if there are proper packaging and padding done while getting It moved. So, you need to measure your furniture correctly and then get the thing is divided out of it precisely so that you can have all of it packed and padded in such a way that they will not be a single issue while getting it relocated.

Step3: Help

When you are considering getting your heavy furniture relocated, you must always consider taking the assistance of one of your friends to save time. Getting a friend will certainly help you have your things covered without much of a problem. It will help you get your furniture relocated so that you will never have to face any problem while getting it loaded or unloaded. So, you must always consider taking the assistance of friends while getting your furniture relocated from one place to another.

Step4: Way to Dismantling

So when it comes to getting your furniture dismantled, you must understand how it can be done without much of a problem. For this, you always need to check with the guidelines related to the furniture. This will undoubtedly help you have eight dismantled in a very proper manner so that they will not be single damage to it. There is always a copy related to your furniture, which will guide you on how you can get your furniture dismantled without much of a problem at all.

So, in this way, you will undoubtedly be able to have your furniture dismantled in a very professional approach. But, you can always consider the assistance of a professional furniture moving company in Abu Dhabi because they have the right tools to help you have it covered without any difficulties.

Best Furniture Moving Company in Abu Dhabi

Best Furniture Movers in Abu Dhabi

When it comes to moving from one place to another location, it is undoubtedly accounting to be a costly process. So, plan in such a way that you can save quite a lot. Get the needs covered without any difficulties at all. It would be best if you found a way out where you can save money and also make things a lot easier.

The most common way to do so is by getting yourself connected to professional furniture movers in Abu Dhabi. Who can help you it is very nominal pricing? Next, you need to check with the belongings you will be locating. Make sure that you are not taking the ones which are not required anymore. Lastly, it would be best if you also got the packaging done, which you can do it all by yourself without professional expert movers and packers assistance.

So, following these tactics will certainly help you have your moving costs down. But, there are many more ways which you need to follow to make sure that your processor never under pressure whenever you are thinking about getting yourself relocated.

The best way to do so is by getting your furniture disassembles all by yourself. To make it easy, we will be discussing the steps you can follow to get your furniture to remove without much difficulty.

Furniture movers and packers in Abu Dhabi

Furniture Moving Made Easy with Company in Abu Dhabi.

Best Movers is the best Furniture moving company in Abu Dhabi, which works in purely in the UAE. With significant experienced, skilled workers, we take the stress out of you for your flat-pack furniture. We have a team of over 100 furniture movers nationwide who are always ready and waiting to build & move your furniture at any time and place that you choose. 

How Furniture Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi Assist You?

Every house/home and business will have a specific number of furniture items, like chairs, beds, drawers, dividers, cabinetry, and more. Our furniture moving company can move furniture from a small to large size.

Just choose Best Mover for furniture movers in Abu Dhabi, and we can fulfil all your requirement for moving all of these items. Our moving team of movers and packers will look up your possessions and make sure that they approach everything correctly. Based on the analysis, we will give you a proper moving plan and the most cost-effective quote based on your requirements. 


What Make us the Best Furniture Moving Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Are you seeking for the best furniture moving company in Abu Dhabi? Best Mover’s team operates in all major cities of UAE, like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Silicon Oasis, Ras Al Khaimah, Bur Dubai, Business Bay. We take pride ourselves in your continued skillfulness that we help people through our removal services. That helps Best Mover making as the best movers in Abu Dhabi and your first selection when scheduling to relocate to Dubai. Below are some qualities which make us the best Furniture Movers in Abu Dhabi.

  • Fast & secure
  • Reliable moving services
  • Customized Movers
  • Large Moving Network
  • Saving Clients Time and Energy

Top Rated Furniture Moving Company in Abu Dhabi

There are various furniture moving companies in UAE, but only one company stand out above all other companies for furniture movers in Abu Dhabi. That company is Best Movers, which is professional movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.

Best Mover always to try to deliver quality moving services to clients. Hence, we continually strive to improve our relocation services. That is why our mission is to provide you with satisfaction to our customers and give them stress-free moving services during the move. Best Mover is one of the most famous, recommended moving company in Abu Dhabi.

Don’t waste your time and money searching for other furniture movers in Abu Dhabi. Just go with Best Mover. Call 0558683123 or mail [email protected]



professional movers and packers services


Best Movers in Abu Dhabi

Hire us to move your stuff at affordable rates. We provide the best moving services at your doorstep.

Are you looking for a professional company movers in Abu Dhabi to help you with your needs for moving and packing services? Well, being one of the best movers and packers in Dubai, with us you will get yourself are you located without any kind of flaw.

We are highly acclaimed because of the standard we maintain in providing one with top quality moving and packing services. We have all the facilities in our kit to help you get yourself placed to a new destination without any kind of loss. We’ll make sure to maintain the time and help you get yourself shifted in the smoothest way possible.

Why Choose Cheap movers and packers in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

It is important to always live up to the expectation of the clients and we are always striving hard to maintain it. Best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi could be your first choice when it comes to providing moving services, we always make sure that you are relaxed and stress-free as our professionals take complete care of your needs.

It is not easy for one to get relocated as it has so many other facets related to it. From packing to storing to loading and unloading, each and everything needs to be handled very properly. We have highly qualified movers and packers in Abu Dhabi there to help you with your specific needs.

Our prime objective has always been to serve you with the best of experience so that You can avail complete value for money hiring us!

movers and packers in Abu Dhabi

Cheap Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi

Below are few of the highlights which make us one of the best Abu Dhabi movers and Packers, Dubai, Sharjah, Marina, Al Ain, and Deira:

  • We have a highly experienced team & best movers and packers in Abu Dhabi to assist you to get your moving needs covered with perfection.
  • We will make sure that not even a single possession of yours get damaged.
  • We will help you with packing, loading, unloading, and top security storage services.
  • We will make sure that you’re moving needs is covered at very nominal rates.

These are the attributes which make us one of the most reliable movers and packers in Abu Dhabi.

Movers in Abu Dhabi

House and Furniture Shifting in Dubai

Local movers and packers in Abu Dhabi

Being the best in the business, we will help you with all kinds of moving-related services. Yes, you will never have to worry about any single thing related to your relocation needs. We as movers and packers in Abu Dhabi company will assess your belongings and designed a strategy accordingly so that you get relocated without any kind of delay.

Below mentioned are few of the services with which you will be assisted with perfection:

Packing and unpacking services & Price: We have highly qualified and skilled professionals in our team to help you with your needs for packing and unpacking. We have highly experienced bankers to help you get your belongings packed with complete protection and security.

You can just relax as our experts take complete care of getting your belongings packed. After the relocation has been done, we will help you get all your belongings unpacked.

Dubai Movers and Packers

Dubai Packers and movers Services

Moving services: Dubai and Abu Dhabi has always been one of the most popular sports for a number of migrants. There are a number of them who are always looking to spend quality time here with so many opportunities offered.

So, all you can do is to connect with us and get your moving needs covered up to Dubai with perfection. We will take complete care of each and every aspect of getting you relocated to this amazing destination.

Packers and movers in Abu Dhabi

Complete storage solutions: It is quite normal that here the cost of any kind of property is quite high. But, to help you with an extra storage solution, we will help you with an amazing offer. Yes, you can take complete assistance from our storage services and get your belongings placed without any kind of problems. Not only it is completely secure but also you will be assisted with lots of other attributes.

Abu Dhabi Movers

Stress-free house relocation in Dubai

What is the estimate of your moving services?

It is not easy for an individual to get relocated without taking any professional assistance. If you’re thinking that I ring our professional movers will cost you a lot then, you are surely living in the wrong world. We will assess your moving requirements and the number of belonging you are willing to relocate and then help you with a clear estimate.

Yes, we will thoroughly understand the kind of moving services you are looking for and then after assessing each and every charge, we will help you with a clear quote with which you can get yourself relocated with ease. You can be assured that with us, you will get the best of moving experience at very nominal rates.

You will never compromise with the quality and make sure that all your possessions are relocated without even a single line of damage. Take a look at how will you be benefited by hiring our professional movers and packers in Dubai:

  • We have a highly skilled team to help you with your moving and packing needs. You will get your moving needs covered at the cheapest of rates to compare to other companies.
  • We have the best transport parking and storing facilities available for your needs.
  • With us, you will surely be getting hassle-free moving experience.

These are the benefits you will be getting hiring our professional movers and packers for your needs. So, you must not make it late and higher our professionals now to avail the best of experience!

Connect Now

Being one of the most successful and reliable movers and packers it in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you can always trust us for your needs of relocation. We will always make sure that you feel satisfied with us and have your needs covered with the best of facilities. Will make sure that each of your possessions is taken care off to the fullest and you get complete value for your investment on our experienced professionals. We always work with a goal to help you get yourself relocated without any kind of fuss. Get the best moving service of all time with us!.

Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi and Dubai at Cheap Rates. We provide cheap packages for furniture, Villas, Flats and Bedrooms movers. We have Heavy Vehicles to move more than 3 tons.

Movers and Packers Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirate, is a thriving city with a population of 600,000 plus according to the 2012 census making it the 2nd most populous city after Dubai.

Best movers have been serving Abu Dhabi for many years and are a leading supplier for packing and moving services for apartments, villas and offices. Best Mover is a packer and mover for corporate houses in addition to leading oil services company in the capital area. With a huge expatriate populate on the go, Best Mover is popular for its International Relocation services.

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Furniture Movers and Packers in Abu Dhabi

Best furniture movers Dubai

Abu Dhabi is divided into many city areas each with its distinct character, culture and population. Best Mover covers the motion across these areas in addition to the brand new development in Saadiyat Islands.

The apartment rents, normally, are higher than in Dubai but the apartments are much bigger and well furnished. Abu Dhabi has a spread of villas and a ratio of locals to expatriates.

Abu Dhabi has a fair share of tourist attractions, shopping malls in addition to heritage areas. The Sheikh Zayed mosque is the most popular attraction followed by the Yas Island attractions like the Ferrari World Amusement Park, The Formula 1 Car Racing Track and the recently Yas Mall. The Abu Dhabi corniche continues to remain the community favourite culminating at the Marina Mall and the Emirates Palace hotel.

Area We Cover in Abu Dhabi

  • Al Bateen
  • Al Khubeirah
  • Tourist Club
  • Al Markaziyah
  • Al Karamah
  • Al Rowdah
  • Madinat Zayed
  • Al Nahyan, Hadabat, Al Zaafaran, Al Zahra
  • Al Mushrif
  • Khalidiyah
  • Raha Beach
  • Kalifa City
  • Al Reef Gardens
  • Al Reem Island
  • Between the Bridges
  • Breakwater
  • Sas Al Nakheel (Umm al Naar)


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Are you looking to move your business? We offer complex office removals, warehouse and factory relocation services.


A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods. We should be your first and last option.


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a list of what to do while your movers are moving and packing your stuff

What To Do While Movers Are Moving

What To Do While Movers Are Moving

Mostly people hire a local moving company with the intent that they don’t have to work or to lift a finger during their move. Some people hire a moving company to do all the tasks of packing and lifting heavy items. On the other hand, you sit on the sofa and sip lemonade. That sounds great!

But this is not reality. A moving day arrives with its to-do list for you, which is moving-related that the movers of moving company cannot complete. It makes sense that hiring a professional moving company does make it easier for dissembling, packing, and shifting, but there is something else that only you can do to help. 

Why should you hire movers?

Hiring a moving company is the best way to prevent yourself from stress and much safer moving process. Hiring movers save your lot of money and prevent you from every day moving day stress. Professional moving company know the best how to shift successfully your belongings that you may not, dissembling, loading, unloading, reassembling properly packing and wrapping your mattress safely. To save your possessions from damage, they use the right materials throughout the move.

1. Before They Arrive

People start to plan for a move months before the moving day. The moving checklists begin around 30 to 60 days before you move out. Everything is valuable for you, and there are several things that you can’t ignore.

Finish packing

Packing is an essential part of moving, and it should be done carefully because you cannot leave your items to get damage. Professional moving companies provide packing services to their clients, but if you have not contracted for packing service, the packing job is for you that you have to do yourself.

Strip the bed

Leaving your clothes in the closet, dishes in the cupboard and books on the shelf will not irritate your movers but it will take a longer time to relocate than it needs to. Make sure to pack all your stationery items, like books or papers into containers and boxes before the moving company arrives at your door.

For the easiness of your movers, you should remove and fold the blankets, pillowcases, and bedsheets so your movers and disassemble the bed frame and load the mattress onto the truck.

Unplug electronics

Unplug and disconnect all the electronic appliances while your movers are busy in packing other things. Movers are not interested in messing up with your gaming or computer setups. It would be best if you took care of that before they arrive.

Remove excess items

While movers are packing or taking care of other things for you, it is the best time for you to pay attention to moving or removing excess items that you don’t need anymore.

Please make a list of items you don’t want any more as you know you are moving, decluttering your home of unnecessary, any broken, or unwanted things and donating, or selling, or trash.

Label boxeshand with marker checking boxes

As you are packing items, make sure you label the boxes properly. Also, try to mention their destination so it will not help you in packing as well as your movers will know where to put them. If you have packed something breakable, label it with “fragile.” The movers will know these fragile boxes have something delicate in them so that they will load correctly with extra care. If you want to open some cases first, label them with unpacking first so the movers will load onto truck these “first open” boxes at last.

Measure furniture and doorways

Measure your furniture items and doorways correctly. You will surely don’t want to damage your valuable things while passing through doorways or narrow spaces.

Measure your furniture and doorways in case they will not pass through without disassembling certain pieces of them. If so, notify the movers.

2. Pack What Your Movers Won’t Move

Moving companies will not go everything for us; there is something that movers will not move. Flammable, dangerous, or perishable are some items that moving companies are prohibited by law. Movers will never allow you to load these items into their truck. The best way to move these items is to load them into your vehicle. pitcure of glass with orange and lime3. Offer Refreshments

Movers work hard to lift your heavy boxes, struggling with couches through the hallway, and trying hard not to damage any of your items down the stairs. It’s a nice sign to offer them some refreshments to keep them energetic, fueled, and hydrated.

Set up an area for refreshment with bottled water, snacks, and coffee. At noon, offer the crew take some break and let them have lunch.

bucket of cleaning supplies

4. Clean

It’s not easy to clean all the house with luggage, but it’s a nice time to clean your home when it’s empty. 

If possible, visit your new place and clean it all over before the truck arrives. Please do the same for your old location and make sure to make it move-in ready for the next family. If it’s not possible to clean all once, clean up each room when it’s emptied. 

5. Double-Check

No doubt, the crew of any moving company is intellectual, but every they can miss a few items here or there. 

Double-check each room for items that may have gotten left behind by the moving crew. These missing spots are medicine cabinets, dishwashers, the attic, and the drawer beneath the oven. 

Make sure the freezer and fridge are clean and empty. The moving crew will not be able to shift any food item for you. Turn off all the lights, switches, windows, and the doors, just before everyone leaves.

6. Stay Out of Their Way!

Movers are professional in packing and moving, so there is no need to tell them how to pack and move each box. It would help if you only pointed to those items like fragile or tricky staircases. Let them use their experience and let things go in their way. If they have any questions, they will ask you.

7. Don’t Disappear

The moving crew may ask you some questions according to the situation that requires your cooperation, so don’t drag everyone to parks, theatres, or Disney for the day. Leave behind at least one person who can sit there to supervise them and pay the movers.


Hiring a professional moving company in Dubai for full-service doesn’t mean you can sit behind, twiddling your thumbs. You can do several things while your movers and packers are busy packing and moving your items. Always hire a quality moving company; it will not only charge them to lift heavy boxes but also make your move quicker and easier. Your only job is to supervise them and let them assist if needed. Make sure at the end of the activity, and your moving checklist is complete.

Planning weeks before the moving day, packing before the time, offering refreshments, keeping pets and kids out of the way, cleaning up or decluttering, and being available for any assistance help you make your move faster and safer.

At the Best Mover, we offer all kinds of packing and moving services in Dubai. We can take care of your house moving, office moving, villa moving of any full-service, long-distance, or last-minute move. Our movers and packers crew has moved several families into the home all over the country. Contact us for a free quote.