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Tips to Avoid Fraud Movers in Dubai

9 Best Tips to Avoid Fraud Movers In Dubai

The excitement of moving into a new house is hard to explain in words. It isn’t less than a dream come true when having found a perfect place to live for you and your family. For sure, you don’t want to end up this joy by some fraudulent acts, do you? Unfortunately, the number of scams is increasing lately, because there are a lot of unprofessional or fraud movers in Dubai.

These fraud movers take advantage of innocent customers. Some movers are dishonest in doing work and cheat with people to make easy money as possible as they can. And hundreds of people have reported that they have experienced fraud. Thus, they complained about their missing stuff or charging a huge bill from them. And these act of shame from fraud movers in Dubai steals the entire excitement of moving.

Thus, to stop these scammers, Best Movers is raising awareness in the moving industry. Also, many other professional moving companies in Dubai are now active to stop business criminals. Because they are not only ruining the name of reputable brands but are also harmful for small movers.

Easy Ways to Avoid Fraud Moving Companies in Dubai

In this resource, you will know how to look red flags of scammers and find a legitimate moving company in Dubai?

1. References

While looking for a professional moving company, you must not hesitate and get connected to your friends and family to check the references they have in their contact list. Yes, it is always better to hire the ones who your close ones have already worked with. They will give you a proper understanding of the good they are in helping you out in covering different moving requirements. Going with the references will certainly keep you away from all the scammers who are in the business to steal your money from your pockets.

2. Checking with The Reviews

Another way to make a wise decision is by checking with the review available online. Online reviewing sites are worth millions. Because they give the most authentic source of information for any business. Clients share their own experiences in reviews that help other people to choose a trusted firm. Some examples of business listing sites are Google my business, Yelp, and Facebook.

For UAE, you can use GMB to check feedback from people for a particular company. Google shows in front of you those businesses that have more 5 star reviews and de-ranks with less. Google deal with fake reviews quite fast because of it’s AI algorithm. Also, you can try a new business either because they can also give the best experience equal to big brands.

3. Large Cash Deposit

Normally scam companies ask for the upfront, so when you pay in advance you put your deposit and belongings at risk. This kind of companies gets vanished after taking your cash and belongings. You should settle your payment through a credit card so in case of uncertainty you can claim or trace scammers. Before hiring any moving especially, the newly launch you should always check, are they certified? Ask them to show their previous client’s details or portfolio. You can also make sure about their work by calling their previous clients.

4. Insurance Coverage

Another thing you need to check with is insurance. If the company is helping you with insurance coverage for their services then, you can always trust them with your requirements. Yes, insurance coverage is an essential aspect of the moving service so, you must always check with it and then make your decision because there are so many important possessions you will be relocating. So, if there is any damage in the way, the company will be taking care of it.

5. The Inventory

The inventory document includes all the information about the transporting of goods. It also describes the conditions of items before and after the shipment from the moving firm. It helps the client’s possessions prevent them from becoming lost or theft. After completion of moving, you should always have a written copy of this document. The best moving company in Dubai always pays close attention and takes care of every aspect of inventory.

6. Blank Contract

It makes no sense to sign an empty contract. A representative of a fake moving company will ask you to sign over a blank contract, for fraud. Don’t trust any mover, no matter how much he shows love for you. It’s essential to read your agreement from top to bottom. From your estimate to extra fees, everything should be in the written format including pickup and delivery dates. Later, there’s no way left to claim an item if it’s not included in the inventory list. So, to prevent yourself, it’s better to double-check your contract before signing it.

7. Verifying the company

Do initial homework of verifying before agreeing with your moving company’s conditions. The company must have a physical location so that you can visit their office in person. Make sure the company has its official website and original address mentioned. Start asking them some questions, like, years in business and past work. See their number of trucks and condition. Are they clean or not? It will let you know how they handle your possessions? Check if their trucks have a brand name or logo on them or not? 

Ask them to show you their insurance and registration no. from the national database. If they are trusted and legitimate, then they must have all authorized documents. Above all, a legitimate moving company must follow their country’s transportation rules. Some companies may use various legit laws to make legal loopholes for their benefits. Only reliable true movers in Dubai will answer all your questions and provide you as much information as you want.  

8. Rates

Another thing that you must always be clear about before getting a moving service provider onboard is the pricing. Low pricing is never real. You must discuss the charges in detail about all the aspects related to the moving. From packing to getting the relocation done, you need to ask for the charges thoroughly and then make your decision accordingly. It will surely keep you away from all the scam companies and eventually make your moving experience a lot smoother.

9. Know what you need to pack

Packing is the most essential part of your move, and if you decide to pack things on your own. Then, it can play a vital role in reducing the moving cost. Use a moving checklist before start packing your household goods, like boxes or furniture pieces. Scammers find this opportunity to overcharge you for packing and labor. Also, read our blog on the most commonly forgotten things to pack when moving.


So, these are the aspects that you need to check with before getting one onboard for your moving and packing services. Obviously, working with a fake mover is scary and painful when you don’t know about them. As result, you might face missing of your belongings or cost you high more than actual. But, you can prevent yourself from them by following the above-mentioned tips. I have pointed out all the key points that fraud movers can use to trick you. Now, you know how to avoid these cheaters and hire a real moving company in Dubai. I hope this article will be useful to you.

Find a trusted moving company near you

The number of companies who are always claiming to be one of the best names in the business when it comes to providing moving services but, hiring then prove to be the biggest debacle of all time. Yes, you need to make sure that the company you are hiring is genuine and experience enough to make your moving experience as smooth as possible. But for that, you need to check with all the different aspects before getting one on board. If it proves to be a wrong choice then you will certainly have to pay a lot for it. You should always hire the best movers and packers in Dubai that is in your own town or near you when to hire relocation services. Besides, prefer a company that people trust and have excellent reviews, like Best Movers.


Moving Yourself Vs. Hiring Professional Movers in Dubai

Moving Yourself Vs. Hiring Professional Movers

Should I Hire Professional Movers in Dubai or Do it Yourself?

The relocation process comes along with ample amounts of options. There are many tough decisions to make at this time. Like, which moving company to hire, which apartment to buy, and which possessions to move. It is your choice whether you want to move on your own or hire proficient professional movers in Dubai. It is not surprising that many people feel stressed before property packing. Gratefully, we are here to help you in selecting a moving method. 

Whether you are renting movers or moving all by yourself, it depends on many things. Like, your estimate, closeness to the new house, the difficulty of the move. You see, many people are unable to carry a sofa downstairs. Never mind, many of your friends are quite not helpful. Therefore, you should hire movers instead of asking friends for help. However, many people relocate on their own and saved a lot of money. 

Before reaching a decision, spare some time and have a look at the pros and cons of moving yourself vs hiring movers.

Why Should You Hire Professional Movers in Dubai? Step By Step Guide

Moving on your own

  • Advantages

Pack- have it your way

When you are moving all by yourself, you don’t have to worry about the perfect packaging of belongings. However, movers will want all of your cartons airtight when they reach. If you are on a DIY move, you don’t have to pack weird-shaped belongings. Like, plants and lamps. Moreover, you don’t have to focus on little things. Like, pack your blankets and pillows. It is up to you whether you want to take everything with you or not.

Comprehensive control over your shift

When you move all by yourself, it has the main benefit for you. For example, you have a full background check over the entire relocation process. Besides, you will get the moving vehicle of your choice. Moreover, you can manage all cartons by yourself to make sure that nothing gets harmed. Moving on your own gives your mind relief from the stress of time. Like, what time you should start your move and what time to end it. 

Suppose you are moving and the weather condition is bad. If you are moving all by yourself, you will decide better on how to protect your property better. 

Achieve economics

DIY move is best for you if you have a fixed income. Are you wondering movers will charge you less? Charge you less if you are moving near your house or office? You got it wrong then. They will cost you more than your expectations. Despite that, if you lease a moving vehicle, you could save your money.

However, when you are driving in your vehicle or renting a truck, bear in mind to review fuel costs.


  • Disadvantages


When you hire movers, they will design a plan for the move. Despite that, if you are arranging a move yourself, you need a lot of planning. You will have to make a complete strategy to move your property from one place to another. Moreover, you have to plan which things to move first and last in the moving vehicle. 

Weight lifting

From my standpoint, a DIY move is the most terrible thing. Indeed, you have to move everything on your own. Of course, you will ask your friends to help you out with your move. Lifting all the packed boxes and pieces of furniture is not a piece of cake. In particular, when these belongings are to move from the stairs. Further, you and your colleagues did not have a moving experience before. In this way, you could harm the walls of the house while lifting sofas and beds downstairs. 

Unplanned difficulties arise

Unexpected problems could arise. Like, your bed or sofa got stuck in the door. If this happens to you, back luck is here. You need the help of best movers and packers in Dubai. They have moving tools to lift things out of the house. But, if you don’t rent movers, you will waste much of your time. Instead of soothing on the bed, you will be busy moving.

Hiring Professional Movers

  • Advantages

Less burdensome

Renting a reliable moving company saves you from many of the relocation days burdens. Moreover, you will not have to move a giant moving vehicle when you hire movers and packers. No doubt, moving trucks are difficult to drive. Are you scared by the thought of loading and unloading possessions in a truck? If yes, then hire movers near you. 

You won’t have to make an attempt

Ask professionals for lifting bulky items. After all, you leased them for a particular reason. By hiring professional movers in Dubai, you won’t have to stress about many things. Like, Lifting the furniture down the stairs and outside the house. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about stressing muscles and requesting your friends to help you. Instead, you can spend precious time with your family. 


Supposing that you have hired an experienced moving company, I would say that your movers are reliable. However, the moving company is under a deal to work according to your terms and conditions. They will arrive on time and have all the moving tools with them. Furthermore, leasing a moving company will save you a lot of moving hours. 

  • Disadvantages

Less flex

You will have less control over the move if you lease movers. Moreover, you can not change the moving date and time fixed by movers. The worst thing here is that you will have to wait for weeks for the moving vehicle to arrive. It could be possible that they might have many stops along the route. If you want to have complete control over the move, don’t hire movers.


There are many chances that you don’t know your movers very much. Further, it is stressful to handle your precious possessions to them. Therefore, you must check Google reviews of the moving company you are going to hire. Also, make sure they take a complete survey of your house before giving you the estimate. To avoid fraud, check the license of a moving company. 

The Bottom Line

DIY moving or hiring a moving company in Dubai both have their pros and cons. But both methods have no wrong or right when deciding if you should hire professional movers in Dubai or do it on your own. Indeed, the decision depends on your budget, needs, and the requirements of your move. Like, if you are moving far from your city or a long-distance, then a DIY move can create challenges for you. Also, you can save some of your money if you have time and energy. On the other hand, if you are trying to move with kids and family, hiring a moving company will cause less bother and make it much easier. Besides, it can create a big difference between a stressful and smooth move.

Before taking any decision, observe your circumstances, what matters most for you. Like, control, safety, cost, and ease are the vital factors to consider when choosing between moving yourself vs. hiring a moving firm.

Keep Moving Cost Down with Professional Movers in Dubai

Although you want to reduce your moving cost by moving yourself, it will not save you as much as you think. However, hiring movers saves money in many ways, like, rent of truck and buying moving boxes, etc. But for that, you need to hire a reliable mover that fulfils your moving needs. For that purpose, you need to contact at least three movers at the same time and ask them to give you the best moving prices. With a small task, your move can be simpler and more smooth than you might think.


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The Ultimate Moving Check-List for moving in Dubai

Moving Checklist – Everything you need to know

Moving in Dubai? The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving is a nerve-wracking job. We have to deal with it. You don’t have to worry about it. We’ve set up a terrific list of moving companies in references to help you stay on track. You receive some instructions and read this week by week self-moving checklist for you. You will know for sure that you will do everything before the moving day. Moreover, you will have a great deal of time to celebrate.

Moving Checklist for things to do when moving house

moving checklist

Week 8 earlier your move

1-Seek relocation services

First, you need to comprehend how you want to move. Can you move yourself or would you prefer to hire professionals? Make sure to consider your budget and then decide. In all honesty, if you are going to lease movers then, check their customer review section. Not all the moving companies in Dubai are reliable ones. Some of them are scammers and can harm you and your property. 

2-Pay a visit to your new society

Before you move to the new house, make sure to visit your new community. Further, try to have some positive interaction with them. It will help you out to adjust there. Moreover, you will have a better feel for the new area’s localities and conveniences.

3-Make budget in an appropriate manner

When hiring a moving company, make sure to figure out your total budget for relocation. Furthermore, If you are looking to hire the best movers and packers in Dubai for a long-distance move, you must have $5000 in your pocket. Likewise, if you search for movers for a local move, you should have $1000 with you. Yet, if moving for a job, ask your manager if the company is paying for it. 

4-Get estimation from expert movers

Before hiring a moving company in Dubai, contact at least three of them to get a quote. To prevent shocks, make sure the movers do a complete survey of your home belongings. Either they perform the inspection by visiting your house. Or they make a video examination of your property before giving the calculations. Moreover, ask them whether the estimate is obligatory or without any obligation.

Week 6 earlier your move

1-Plan the moving time with movers

Finally, it’s the time when you schedule the movers in Dubai. While deciding a date for your move, never forget that it will affect the cost of relocation. Moving during the peak seasons, like, May to September will cost more. In the same way, weekends are the days when most people do the relocation process. So, try to avoid moving at these times if your budget is low.

2-Begin usage of refrigerated food and store items

If you are planning to bring the store food with you, it will save you money. Like, you do not have to stay at expensive restaurants and pay for high-priced food. But if you do not want that unused food to take with you, donate it. You can donate non-perishables to your local food bank. Despite that, you can hire one of Move for Hunger’s relocation company.

3-Devise a strategy for the packaging process

Before the packaging process, make a timetable for boxing up your things. First, pack all your non-essentials. Like, your books, electronic appliances, and home decoration items. In the end, pack essentials. These include kitchen items, clothing, and many other things. These are the items you need in the days preceding your move. 

4-Sell items you use less

Are you sure if your possessions will serve a purpose in your new house? I guess it is time to sell them. Many charity stores will accept your mild-use, second-hand items. These include old clothes and old-fashioned furniture from your house. Moreover, you can use social media sites like Facebook to sell them.

Week 4 earlier your move

1-Start packing your possessions

It is the time when you will pack your belongings. Start with unneeded ones like winter clothes, books, and many other things. Make sure to pack all delicate items with extreme care. Furthermore, label all boxes on the top with a black marker.

2-Inform your family about the move

Have you told your family and friends about your moving day? If not, then it is time to let them know. If you do not have the time to meet the person by person, make a phone call. Letting people know about your move through social media sites is an efficient and easy way.

Week 2 earlier your move

1-Wash your old house

Keep it in mind that there are certain things to do before you move into a new house. This little effort of yours can save the house cleaning fee. Moreover, it saves you from charging against your security deposit. Likewise, clean out the fridge and storeroom as well. 

2-Examine old home with the landlord

Are you paying rent? Carry out a final inspection with your current landlord before your move. Make sure to discuss damages with him to prevent a deduction from the security deposit. If there’s conflict, remember that it’s better to deal in-person than over the phone call.

Day of relocation

1-Take record of belongings

Take inventory of your possessions. Through this, you have an idea of what the movers are transporting and what did you pack. Make sure to check the driver’s inventory sheet. Take pictures of fragile stuff for insurance purposes.

2-Drop the keys

Are you planning to come back after your move to solve the problems? Move forward and hand over the keys to the new landlord.

Why You Should Hire A Professional Mover

Why You Should Hire A Professional Mover In Dubai?

Estimation & Full Guide to Hire a Professional Mover In Dubai

How to Hire a mover in Dubai For Moving which is one of the most stressful life events? A study shows that almost 0.5 million Arabs move each year. As Best residential movers, We attempt to provide quality moves of every scope and size.

It is observed a lot of people try to do the moving. It may cost a lost due to lack of experience sometimes it results in breakage of valuable items. We believe that hiring a qualified, Professional moving company can drop a lot of stress. It can complete the task in a budget-friendly, stress-free manner.

Cost of Hiring a Mover in Dubai

Complete Estimate Process:

In-home surveys and quotes are vital for assisting you to know precisely what a move will cost and providing peace of mind. At Best Movers, We pair you with a Move Coordinator which assists with answering any questions you might have and detailing all costs.

Furniture Movers in Dubai

Local Movers Services

It’s important to use a moving Professional that can pack trailers and boxes to minimize harm. With a professional, that was moving and highly trained, your items can be packed, loaded, and transported with ease.

Technology and Resources:

As technology is improving efficiency, the best mover has improved it quality of service with the use of Tools. We’re renovating our services more advance to Tech.

Hire a Moving Company with Quality Service


Are you currently using Dubai movers you can truly trust? Movers having accolades, testimonials, and memberships to establish are the firm. At Best Mover, We have a professional Team, Well experienced staff specialized in relocation.

Let us show you what sets Best Movers apart as premier Dubai movers. Contact us to submit a free quote and today to begin planning your household move.

We are firm believers in Quality Services. We’ve built up a blockchain to check quality Assurance. please confirm your booking and We’ll send you a Surveyor at a location in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Which provides you with the best estimate of local/Global Moving Services.

Next, our management team will try to pursue you get service at a reasonable price. The Best part of our service is You can get a free quote for any kind of moving locally.

House Movers And Relocation Services

House Movers in Dubai

Moving your house is not an easy task, but if you are living in Dubai and looking for best house movers in Dubai and best relocation company at doorstep services. Best Mover is All in one service provider for office relocation locally in Dubai and Sharjah. This is something that everyone looking for if he is planning for relocation in Dubai.
Best Movers provide High-Quality Services, at your doorstep and instant serving for furniture moving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Villa moving services with best movers and packers.
House Movers in Dubai
local house movers in Dubai

Dubai’s Home Shifting Specialists

Transferring furniture from one place to another is a very difficult task, but if you have a professional 3 MM staff then you can do this with a lot of ease, it is easier to stay, but home It is very difficult to shift, on the other hand, you should get a company for it.

Best Mover’s speciality that has provided very great services to various companies within Dubai. Our professional team is always ready to come home.

House Shifting Dubai – Abu Dhabi

We are best movers High-Quality Service provider at cheap rates. You don’t need to look at other companies when Dubai Mover is there to serve your all needs.

Your office or house furniture shifting is at just one call. Our surveyor will be at your doorstep within few minutes after receiving an inquiry through WhatsApp or Form booking.

It is observed that Looking for moving service is a highly intensive task and stressful. We at Dubai Mover providing competitive prices and best moving services for moving.

House Movers in Sharjah.

House Shifting Services in Dubai-Sharjah

Sharjah is not famous for tourists but is due to its most precious Grounds and cricket. The most popular sport that’s why millions of people visit every year to enjoy Cricket matches in Sharjah between Asian countries like Pakistan India and Bangladesh.

If you are looking for a cheap Residence Hotel you must stay in Sharjah and you know once you start High earning you can relocate to Dubai and Abu Dhabi which are a little bit more expensive than Sharjah City.

house shifting Dubai

House shifting in Sharjah is something that many people are searching for what day cannot find a good company that provide high-quality relocation services at cheap rates. Best mover is for the relocation of house and office.

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Self Storage Services in Dubai

Latest Storage Solution In Dubai In The Year Of 2021


Our easy rental terms for selecting a storage space makes getting a perfect storage room for your belongings easier, from big to small-sized storage rooms. We can meet all of your storage solution in Dubai needs, and also provides a hassle-free move. So, that you don’t have to call multiple companies and find all elimination options under one roof.

Moving, Packing, Loading & Self Dubai Storage

Storage in Dubai is very common. Many customers have yet to ascertain their destination. In some cases, furniture and other household valuables stay stored in a warehouse centre for a time period. As such, long-term storage options are amazingly cheap and protected. All items are checked off the packing list and delivered if a customer remains in the UAE.

  • Highly Recommended Storage Solution company in Dubai
  • Free Consultation service
  • 24/7 Doorstep services
  • Cheap Price Guarantee

“We Pack with Smile with Move and Love, and that is our Secret Recipe.”


Best and Cheap Mover Storage Solution in Dubai Residents

It can depend on with summer temperatures in excess of 45 degrees centigrade it’s perhaps not surprising that demand is for Best Mover Storage for maintaining valuables and personal effects in a facility equipped with air conditioning at home in Dubai. We have all facilities in the UAE, which are purpose.

Best Movers provide the Best storage solution in Dubai and give the best ideas in the short space of your office, house and storage rooms.

All shipments stored before being loaded into wooden crates moderate to long-term are wrapped and packed in compliance with transit standards. These valuables remain sealed until further instructions in their various crates from the client have been confirmed.


Self Storage Services in Dubai


Best Mover Solutions

We at best mover provide highly professional relocation, installation, furniture shifting, packing, house shifting, cleaning, painting services with our professional team. We keep everything sorted and in manners. A record is kept for every item that’s stored in the storage facility, such as time and date of entry and exit. This is how the safety and security of your packages are guaranteed in Dubai in a secure warehouse facility for storage.

All companies we deal with have 24-hour security including CCTV.

Public Storage Dubai

If you are seeking the best storage solution in Dubai, you will have landed on a great website. With over 13 years of experience in industry removals and storage. We have looked after millions of public possessions.

You can trust Best Mover for Public Storage Dubai. It is one of the best, cheapest, most accessible, and most available secure storage solutions in Dubai UAE.

Packers and Movers in Dubai

We focus on the safest and secure packaging while we move them smoothly and mark the boxes that are packed and unpacked.

  • Best Mover Storage Solutions
  • A/C and Standard storage available
  • Competitive rates
  • Goods stored in wooden crates that were protected
  • Comprehensive Insurance coverage
  • 24 hours security CCTV
  • Storage Companies in Dubai

Know more About Best Self Storage in Dubai

Weather deliver them or simply your decision to store the items with us we do it all including assembling the items back to their relative location.

Our packing specialist understands their job well and is fast and efficient at their job, we do cover forwarding so, in all your logistics needs, we are there to assist.


  • Packing & moving
  • Packing and delivery
  • Packing & storage
  • Packing and forwarding
  • Simply packing
  • Packing and removals

We are perfect at complete moving and storage solution in Dubai that includes from big to distance to long-distance moving, we are proficient in moving, packing & delivery at the day.

Components, pricing, variety, and availability of choice for a warehouse in Dubai

Our packages are competitively priced, combining affordability with quality that was superior. With our short- and long-term contracts, we provide clients with the flexibility of choice, allowing them to tailor their packages depending on their requirements.

Whether you need personal storage, business storage, or a class package, Best Mover can customize storage solutions in Dubai that fit your needs. Our air-conditioned Dubai Storage facility provides a wide variety of lockable storage room and moving boxes components to secure all types of possessions, from personal belongings and house furniture to sporting equipment and old files.

Unit sizes range from 250 cubic ft. to 2,000 cubic ft., allowing our customers the widest assortment of options to choose from. Furthermore, if the need arises, clients have the option according to their own requirements.

Storage units can be leased on a monthly basis so changing over to Best Mover is quick and effortless.