What did Our Customers say About Services?

They are Professional Home mover in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Best Movers built a strong repute for local Clients and Reasonable packages. They can move heavy things without Wrecking the furniture, TV, Mirror, from anywhere in UAE to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The Company is reliable in secrecy and professional at what they are offering. Highly Qualified and commercial movers’ services providers.

Charley Williams



Best Moving Services in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Last time we were looking a company that can Handle our office relocation from Sharjah to Dubai and We found Best movers from some references. Amazingly they are professional in Moving services and reliable, trust-worth company. I’ll recommend you to use their services.

Sandra Williams


These guys are the BEST. Best Mover’s team were fantastic. They were professional, well behaved and kind. They did hard work and took great care of packing my belongings. All of my items were packed gently and moved with skill. Overall, my experience of working with Best Mover, from getting a moving estimate to move, was quite simple and easy.

Ibn e Al-Menai


Best Mover has a fantastic team. They did not only take more care of my boxes, but there were also efficient and lovely to talk to. I will defiantly hire this fantastic moving company again for my next move. Hire them for your progress and here is a small but helpful tip. Pack your heavy items and books into little boxes, not into garbage bags. Be organized and prepared for moving, and don’t forget to give them a good TIP. Being a mover is not an easy job, so show them some respect and love.

Aleem Al Saud

Best Mover’s team did a great job. They delivered me an amazing packing and moving service without any scratch—highly recommended running company to hire.

Javeria Sultan


Awesome local movers to work with. Their crew were such as machines, rapid and efficient. I highly recommend requesting to work with Best Mover.

Salma Ahmad


Such as an amazing moving company. They were on time and started to work quickly and efficiently. I have never seen such careful and professional moving team, which took more care to make sure everything is well-wrapped and ready to move. The team was friendly, professional and worked very hard. I would use them again and highly recommend this moving company..

Jassem Al Noor


Best Mover’s team were incredible and quick. They perfectly wrapped my furniture impeccably, without a single scratch on them. They were positive through of long-distance move. If you have any upcoming move, I would recommend them without a doubt.

Radha Mitter


They worked with style and class. Best Mover’s team was fast, efficient, informative, courteous, careful, and on time. Their moving truck arrived early, and the crew worked very quietly without disturbing neighbors. Zero damages to our things. Their moving price was true to the estimate.

Ronald Peter


I hired Best Mover a couple of days ago and had an excellent moving experience. Best Mover’s crew is professional, and they are very efficient. They are utterly amazing because they know how to do the job quickly and adequately. They were fast in wrapping and moving my furniture and completed one hour ahead of schedule. I recommend Best Mover to hire if you want to move.

Ar-Rafiq Sinai


If you are looking to hire a moving company which is fast, professional, affordable, efficient, and reliable movers, Best Mover is the way to go. Farooq and his team work hard with a positive attitude. We rented and moved into an apartment building, but the storage space was smaller than expected. Best Mover’s team were able to fit everything into a smaller space without any breaks. They were quick but careful. I highly recommend Best Mover to conduct your move.

Hiba Adal