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How to Disassemble Furniture When Moving: Step-By-Step Guide

When it comes to moving from one place to another location, it is certainly accounting to be a very expensive process. So, it is very important that you plan in such a way that you can save quite a lot and also get the needs covered without any kind of difficulties at all. You need to find a way out where you can save money and also make things a lot easier. The most common way to do so is by getting yourself connected to professional movers in Dubai who can help you it is very nominal pricing. Next, you need to check with the belongings you will be locating. Make sure that you are not taking the ones which are not required anymore. Lastly, you need to also get the packaging done which you can do it all by yourself without taking the assistance of professional experts.

So, following these tactics will certainly help you have your moving costs down. But, there are many more ways which you need to follow make sure that your processor never under pressure whenever you are thinking about getting yourself relocated. The best way to do so is by getting your furniture disassembles all by yourself. To make it easy, we will be discussing the steps which you can follow to get your furniture to disassemble without much of a difficulty.

Initiating With Disassembling Process:

Whenever there is something bulky to move, it is important that you get it divided into small segment so that it becomes easier for you to get relocated. Yes you can always consider taking the assistance of reliable movers and packers in Dubai where you will be able to move furniture without any kind of difficulties at all. To make it easier, you can also follow the mention steps and get that bulky furniture relocated without any kind of difficulties at all:


At first, it is very important that you decide the importance of moving the respective furniture to the new location. Yes, you need to be sure that this furniture is important and worth it to be relocated. There is no point moving something which is not required anymore because it will not only save time and effort but also a lot of money as well. So, you need to assess your furniture properly and then understand is it required in your new location or not. If it is important for you to have it relocated then, designed a proper process so that you can have it covered without costing you much and that too without single damage at all.


Next, it is important that you understand how you can get to the big furniture restructured. Yes, you can open the doors and handles of your furniture and try to make it easier to carry. This will certainly help you have it relocated without any kind of issue at all. It is very important to get it relocated adequately and this can only be done if there is a proper packaging and padding done while getting It moved. So, you need to measure your furniture properly and then get the thing is divided out of it precisely so that you can have all of it packed and padded in such a way that they will not be a single issue while getting it relocated.


When you are considering to get your heavy furniture relocated, you must always consider taking the assistance of one of your friends so that you can save time while. Getting a friend will certainly help you have your things covered without much of a problem. It will help you get your furniture relocated in such a way that you will never have to face any kind of problem while getting it loaded or unloaded as well. So, you must always consider taking the assistance of friends while getting your furniture relocated from one place to another.


So when it comes to getting your furniture dismantled, it is very important that you understand how it can be done without much of a problem. For this, you always need to check with the guidelines related to the furniture. This will certainly help you have eight dismantled in a very proper manner so that they will not be a single damage to it. There is always a copy related to your furniture which will guide you how you can get your furniture dismantled without much of a problem at all.

So, in this way, you will certainly be able to have your furniture dismantled in a very professional way but, you can always considering the assistance of Dubai Movers because they have the right tools to help you have it covered without any kind of difficulties at all.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

8 Tips to Get Rid of Cockroches

8 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Are you afraid of cockroaches? Cockroaches living with you in your house? You tired of using various sprays of cockroach killers, yet they still come back? Don’t worry, we have a solution to get rid of cockroaches. You can do it yourself, just follow these 8 simple steps and get your home back from these uninvited guests. But wait, If you don’t want to read this article you can book our pest control service in Dubai or cockroach control in Dubai through our site Best Movers or call 0558683123.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever

  1. Deep clean your house:

Before trying anything, first deep clean your house to remove hidden things. These places can be food sources for the cockroaches. As you know cockroaches love warm, damp and dark places.

How you can deep clean:

Use disinfectants that contain Hydrogen Peroxide or Dettol to water. Your main objective is to clean and disinfect everything.

What you need to clean first:ways to get rid of cockroaches
  • All draining system
  • Dishwasher
  • Under all your cabinets and furniture
  • Your dust bins
  • Your washing machine
  • All sinks
  • Kitchen corners

Where you can find a cleaner: 

Best Movers offer you to hire our deep cleaner services in Dubai if you don’t want to perform a deep clean yourself. You can always hire our cleaning professionals by just a call or contact us.

  1. Fix any leakages:

If you have not fixed your leaking pipes of other equipment, then you are surely providing a perfect moist environment to cockroaches which help them to grow. Facts have shown that cockroaches can survive more than three months without water and food. But for this, they need a moist environment which plays a vital role in their survival.

  1. Get rid of any cardboard boxes:

Usually, cockroaches lay their eggs into card boxes. It is because it provides them a warm environment, which is suitable to lay eggs. So, if you have old card boxes in your house and you don’t need them anymore, then consider unpacking them or sole out.

  1. Don’t leave any food out:

If you have extra food don’t leave it on your kitchen counters. Instead, you should place them into the fridge or freezer. It will help food to prevent cockroaches. Always keep your dishes clean and disinfect kitchen floor and counter, every time after you use them, especially before going to bed. Cockroaches and some pests can survive more than 3 months without water and food.

  1. Spray your home with pesticides

Buy high-quality pesticides or cockroaches killer sprays in your house. It will help your house to keep away from cockroaches. It is essential to spray regularly into your entire house, rooms, floors, furniture and under all cracks. Remember, sprays only work on living cockroaches. Keep spraying your house at least four months. You can also get professional pest control services from Best Movers. We can help you in removing pests from your house in no time.

  1. Place cockroach powder under every door and corner:

Spraying entire your house will kill all the roaches from inside. But it will not help you to keep them away from your premises as it does not work from outside. Use roach powder in order to keep roaches away permanently from your house. Place a thick layer of roach powder below your entrance door, windows, balcony, and back door.

  1. Keep your lights on:

Cockroaches are an army of nights as they are nocturnal creatures. So, they usually spread in nights but if you see a cockroach in daylight, it may b a signal of an infestation. Darkness is suitable for them and to make their condition unbearable, leave your lights on for three days. This will disturb their living pattern and will drive them to madness.

  1. Keep your house cool: 

It is seen that Cockroaches and roaches live in an environment that is warm, damp and dark. These are the only conditions that help them to survive and prosper. They may leave a house in which light is on for a longer time. Turning your house like winter can also compel them to leave. 

Remember: They can live up to 3 months without food and water. To get a pay off you need to keep your house clean and disinfect.

You can always hire pest control services in Dubai or bed bugs pest control Dubai services to prevent your house from cockroaches and other small pests. We off all kinds of pest control services at affordable prices. Hire our service now by just contact us or Call 0558683123. Our services are in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and all across the UAE.

6 Things You Should Do Before You Move

6 things to do before moving out

6 Things to do before moving out

Moving always remains a frenetic and stressful task. In the middle of your moving stress, there might chance that you disremember to do an essential thing or two. That is why Best Movers works with a checklist to assist you out.

  1. Get a moving service

For the sake of peace of mind, it’s important to book a moving service in advance. It will help you to focus on other things ahead of you, even packing things for you.

When: Booking 1 or 2 weeks before moving.

How: Search services online and get quotes from various movers.

  1. Transfer your various connection services

To change your current address to a new one, take some of your time to visit your nearest Etisalat and put an appeal for assign your account to your new address or you can cancel the old one.

When: 2 days before.


  • A soft copy of your ID card or passport.
  • Pay a minor fee for the transfer, the fee relies on the facilities you want to transfer.
  • The technician will visit your new location in 1 or 4 of the upcoming days.
  1. Discontinue your DEWA account

Always keep in mind to disconnect your DEWA account before moving, it is very important because if you don’t do it, bills will last to receive to your name even after you have quitted the old house.

When: a week before the move.


  • A copy of the ID card or passport and previous bills.
  • Submit your form online or visit the nearest office.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail or letter with the final bill, after 2 – 3 days of processing.
  • After receiving the final bill, pay it immediately to ensure no further bills to your name.
  1. Get a moving permit from your building

There are some areas in Dubai that need special permits for moving in and out. Obtain that permits according to the building supervisor.

When: A week before your moving, discuss the moving out the procedure with the building supervisor.

How: Different developments have different procedures for issuing the permit. For Dubai, it’s generally they require a passport and visa copy in advance before issuing you the grant.

  1. Restore the house to its original condition

Your landlord will not give your deposit back to you if you do not recover the property to its original position. You need to restore his house to the condition when you were moved in first. For this purpose, you need to hire some painters and cleaning services before the day you move. Make sure you remove everything before leaving, otherwise you will not get you to deposit back and the owner has the right to charge for removal service.

When: 1 to 2 days before the move and hand overring the keys.

  1. Get your deposit back

After restoring the property, ask your landlord to pay back your deposit beforehand overring the keys. Your landlord should not charge you anything extra and should pay back you in full. Say goodbye in a good manner.

Contact us for any kind of you moving. We have expertise in movers and packers sector of more than 13 years. Our moving services are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all across the UAE. We offer a wide range of relocation at nominal rates. Call on 0558683123.

Move Any Furniture Safely in 5 Simple Steps

Move Any Furniture Safely in 5 Simple Steps

Move Any Furniture Safely in 5 Simple Steps

Moving furniture is not a big deal, but it still needs some safety steps as follows.

  1. Check your furniture if it is decently heavy or easy to scratch.

You can’t lift heavy items yourself, which inevitably means you need to make it lighter. For this purpose, you have to remove the drawers, take the table legs off, shelves, and keep them separately. For shifting beds, you need to disassemble it unless you are not sure that you can move it without removing, but it requires more persons to lift over. Easily scratch-able items can make you more sensitive, so cover them with a moving pad or blanket or something else that can cover them safely. Use tape or shrink-wrap to secure them.

2. Find the best way to move your furniture out.

The more extensive the way, the more suitable for your hands grasping that valuable nightstand, and for the item itself. Use a measuring tape before passage to make sure it would pass through the doorway or not.

3. Leather upholstered furniture requires protection before any transportation.

Spend some little money for buying pad or blankets to cover as it is a cheaper way to protect your belongings. It is less costly than the expensive leather couch on which you have already spent a fortune on.

4. We all love IKEA furniture for its affordability, cool design, and convenience.

Your furniture can’t survive for long-distance road vibrations; you need to make it secure by tightening screws or nails first. Use a shrink-wrapper, it will help your furniture to protect against the damage during the vibrations.

5. Glass, mirrors, stone plates and other easily breakable stuff.

Blankets and cardboards are a perfect combination for glass-covered furniture, so be wise and use those for every piece. Marble covered twice with a blanket will not say thanks to you, but this is the best way to get your sculpture in the same condition as it was before.

And if your mind is still confused regarding the moving day – no worries! Leave this obstacle to Best Movers. Our Professional Furniture Movers in Dubai team will take care of your belongings and lead your move. Get the best Furniture moving services in DubaiAbu DhabiSharjahAl AinRas Al KhaimahDubai Marina and across UAE. Call 0558683123.

moving a safe



Below we have mentioned some helpful tips for moving a safe. This article is based on suggestions from experts. And it will clearly answer your questions in your mind on how to move a 1 ton safe? How to move a safe downstairs or best way to move a gun safe.

Moving a safe, which is bulky and overweight, is not an easy task. Our safes are invaluable once they are in our homes because they have features of fire shield to military-style locking rods. But, setting them inside can be a trial. To prevent any upset, it is advised to hire the services of professional movers. They are experienced in moving such heavy items without any injury or damage to your home. But if you want to move if yourself, follow these tips to move a heavy safe.

Safety in Numbers

Sometimes it’s easier to move a safe yourself, especially when you are moving a safe from one room to another to a new spot. But wait, there is a little danger in it that your safe can tip over, no matter what you are moving in the same room. It is a good idea to get help from at least three other active persons.

Preparation Is Key

The first thing to move a safe properly is to make a proper plan and have the right equipment available.

  • Through your route, measure all the doorways or tight spots so that you will have an idea from where to pass the safe.
  • Use only those staircases that are strong enough to hold the weight of the safe.
  • Remove valuable items from the safe to reduce the weight and to prevent them from damage.
  • Use heavy-duty appliances for moving along with ropes, thick moving blankets, and supporting straps.
  • Use good sole and none-slippery shoes for better traction during the move to preventing yourself from any damage and protecting your feet.
  • Use high-quality working gloves to protect your hands. They will also help you to give a good grip on the safe.
  • If you want to move the safe to a new house or business, use large vehicles that are capable of carrying the weight of the safe.

Things to keep in mind

Before start to moving the safe, ensure it’s locked and closed. To help protect against damage, wrap it in moving blankets. Tape the sheets properly to prevent tripping you and from falling them.

With the help of others, carefully and slowly tilt your safe and put the dolly underneath its bottom. Bind it securely to the dolly with straps before moving. Use a loading ramp to load it to a moving truck.

After loading in the truck, securely strap it and position against aside to make sure it doesn’t move during the ride. After reaching to the new place, unload your safe safely and move it to its original position.

Other Possibility

You may have seen videos or read online about moving a safe with golf balls or PVC pipe. This option works, but professional movers will never suggest you do so. Moving a safe over golf balls is pretty more comfortable, but they are known for damaging floors. While moving a safe, it puts so much pressure on these small balls, and that can damage your floor, leaving scratches, dents, and even breaking tile. Also, this won’t work if you are moving your safe over a carpet or across floors of various heights.

On the other side, for PVC pipe, professional movers allow you as this is a viable option, but this method may have some risks. The best thing is the pipe spreads the weight of the safe across a more substantial area; it eases to roll your floors safe from any damage.

The risk is, you may lose control due to the weight of your safe and damage your home or even injure yourself.

Professionals use a long rectangular bar. They put a track of these bars in front and underneath of safe, pushing the safe along and picking up these bars following the safe and keeping putting and pulling until success. If you can make a track like this, it can move your safe easier.

The safest option is to hire professionals to move your safe. Best Movers in Dubai doesn’t recommend that you move your safe by yourself. If you want to get more information on how to move a heavy safe, contact your local dealer and find an experienced safe-moving company.

Get professional moving services in UAE. Call +971558686123

12 Tips To Move Your Business Safely Without Losing Its Growth

When you think about moving your business, it May be Discouraging to consider how many opportunities you will lose during the relocation process. In fact, some firms lose out on far more than they originally plan due to unexpected complications like bad traffic, broken items, not needing approval to move in to your new place, etc..

However, with an efficient moving company and the plan, There is a way to relocate your business. Look at these steps without losing productivity on how to move your company.

List of Tips to Move business safely in Dubai

1. Create a Plan

There is no such thing as more planning, and it is never early to start. As possible, plan everything out to keep all disruption to a minimum to daily activities.

Meet with all employees and prepare them for the upcoming move.

Make lists of all tasks that need to be done (coordinating with the move company, packing, finding a new working space, getting supplies, etc.).

Consider all the possibilities and potential setbacks and Have a plan on what to do for every circumstance.

2. Create an Inventory

To Begin with the planning process throughout The office and write down all. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many items need to be moved?
  • Will you transport important documents?
  • Is your new location have sufficient space to hold your all belongings? Do you need a storage space?
  • Will you be moving electronics, phones, like computers, and monitors?

3. Consider Getting Rid of Some Items

While you may not be moving all of your belongings to your Location, you’ll need to form a strategy for the remaining items. Businesses and households use moving as an opportunity as they can save a lot of money and time by not moving everything to declutter.

This is also an opportunity the old and in with the new. It would be a good idea to get rid of that 90’s sofa that has been turning yellow for years. Many furniture stores will offer free delivery (after spending a specific amount), so that you can save money during the transfer by keeping the weight off.

You may want to update the office equipment Items may require more maintenance. When it comes to becoming productive, this could save a bunch of time and resources.

Instead of throwing away the things Finally, consider Donating to your local charity.

4. Record Your Inventory in an Excel Spreadsheet

A successful move is one with a thorough inventory. After Looking through everything that needs to be moved, start organizing items to assist you figure out how many and what kind of packing supplies you’ll need, the length of the move, and size of a moving truck you will need.

Having a comprehensive list will also prevent things from going Missing during the relocation process.

5. Create a Moving and Timeline Schedule

One of the most important steps in the preparation process is To forecast everything will take. Ask yourself the following questions:

How much time do you have before needing to move from your Current location?

How much overlap will you have in between when your new Location will be ready and when you have to be out of the old one?

Be Sure to plan so that you will have Time to get through the process while still having enough time to work on activities that are daily.

Awesome Movers Dubai
Abu Dhabi Quality Movers

6. Pack Early as You Can

It can be annoying to sort through your things and figure out Those you won’t need until after the move, but packaging these things ahead of time will save time when it comes to finalizing everything last minute. Make the workload easiest on your own by distributing it


Many moving companies will supply you Need, but they can be somewhat more expensive. So if you are looking to save a few dollars, here’s a list of what you will need to pick up:

  • Shrink wrap
  • Wrap rolls or packaging paper
  • Packing peanuts
  • Packing tape
  • Labels
  • Markers or pens
  • Moving blankets
  • Furniture sliders and movers
  • Various sized boxes

8. Use Specialty and Sized Boxes

Getting regular boxes to pack everyday items is important, But do not forget to buy unique sizes. While it may seem more efficient to load everything into big boxes so there is less to maneuver, but this can be physically challenging and even dangerous for the movers.

Medium and small sized boxes, on the other hand, will keep the Weight off the items packed on the bottom and are also easier to lift and move.

Do not forget to label your boxes so the movers will know which Room to leave them in after arriving. Some companies even use color-coded tags and match them up with the color in the room.

9. Pack Efficiently

Moving is currently expensive. You do not want to add to it by Reckless packaging and breaking valuables. Always be certain to use bubble roll and packaging peanuts with items that are fragile. Heavy duty boxes may also prevent items from getting damaged, especially if they’ll be supporting the weight of boxes.

Do not forget to wrap electronics wrapping them With using boxes and bubble wrap that are fitted to their size. Cover with moving blankets and stretch wrap to prevent them from getting scratched or dirty.

Finally, use packing tape to seal all the boxes.

10. Coordinate with Utility Companies

There’s more to planning than the moving of belongings. You will need to contact all sellers and inform them of the date it’s happening and where you’re moving.

Also, who will be putting up your personal computer equipment, Phones, security systems, and internet at the new location? These are things you do not want to forget about.

11. Notify Public of the Move and All Customers

Before moving, put up Of when you’re moving and the new location’s address. This will also show that you’re well organized. Also, putting up a sign at your place will stand out For bringing in new customers. If it’s temporary, having something is much better than nothing. Furthermore, you can send change-of-address cards to customers and vendors. Many stores will have different designs to select from. Finally, inform the post office of your new address and Forward your email to the new location.

12. Plan Activities for Move Day

While many companies choose to move over the weekend to Avoid interfering with business activities, but this is more expensive. If you do move during the week, make sure that the calls are routed to a number and throughout moving 31, someone is assigned to pick up.

Choose the Right Moving Company

When looking for a company, you will be helped by some with the planning process, including all the actions listed above. Movers, like Dubai Office Movers, are available to do this for you all. Everything from planning to furniture assembly, you have the choice to be as hands off or on as you’d like, allowing you time.

If you are searching for a company in the Finest Dubai Area, select Dubai Office Movers. Our union moving professionals Concentrate on business moves of all sizes, moving them both locally distance, and international. We are trained, experienced, uniformed, and background-checked to provide you with peace of mind throughout the whole move. Contact Best Movers

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