list of Questions to Ask Before Hiring Moving Companies in Dubai

Questions to Ask When Hiring Moving Companies in Dubai

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Moving Companies in Dubai

Choosing the best movers and packers can reduce your stress of difficult task packing and moving. For the ease of moving, do a favour to yourself by hiring the right moving company. As there are so many professional moving companies are working in your city, it is quite tough to decide which will do your move perfectly. However, you can make your decision simple by asking the right questions before hiring a moving company.

What questions to ask when hiring a moving company

The following are some of the crucial questions that you should ask your movers before hiring them:

1. Give Me Three References

Check out their background. Ask them how long they are in the business of moving. Request quotes, check their website, ask about their experience, references from at least three movers and their reviews on the internet. Check with the business bureau, if someone has filed any complaint against them. Always make sure they are licensed, certified and insured packers and movers in Dubai before making your decision.

2. What services do you offer?

All the moves do not require equal moving services, sometimes large items only require on part of the move. Like, if you have a pool table, a car or a piano, that needs to be moved, ask your residential moving company in Dubai for specialized services you need. Inquire if this is possible that you only need them to help in a specific part of the move. For example, you rent a truck and they load it.

3. Do you offer an in-house estimate?

Many of the professional moving companies give you estimates over phone calls but, it is necessary for you to get in-house estimates from three movers in Dubai. Compare their services one by one. Always try to get everything in the paper.

4. Will you create an inventory of my belongings?

Creating an inventory of belonging is a very helpful tool for you as you can secure your items. Professionals do it for all of your belongings to help keep a record. This method helps you in confirming that everything has moved safely.

5. What happens if something gets broken?

No one is perfect even professional removal companies can break things too. It is wise to ask moving company in Dubai what happens if something gets broken? Many removals in Dubai offer options to repair or replace items in case of breakage. If your moving company provides this option with a high quote, this may be the smarter choice.

The Bottom Line

Know the right questions to ask from moving companies before you sign a contract with one. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the risk of getting surprises on moving day. Asking the smart questions leads to picking a perfect moving company. You will feel confident and relax when you know professionals are handling your possessions.

Best Movers

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So, whenever you need moving companies in Dubai, do not hesitate to choose the best moving company in Dubai for your next move. Best Mover is always ready to help you to move your house anywhere. Call +971 55 61 63 054 or mail [email protected]

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a list of what to do while your movers are moving and packing your stuff

What To Do While Movers Are Moving

What To Do While Movers Are Moving – 16 Actionable Steps

Mostly people hire local movers with the intent that they don’t have to work or to lift a finger during their move. Some people hire a moving company to do all the tasks of packing and lifting heavy items. On the other hand, you sit on the sofa and sip lemonade. That sounds great!

But this is not reality. A moving day arrives with its to-do list for you, which is moving-related that the movers of the relocation company cannot complete. It makes sense that hiring professional movers does make it easier for dissembling, packing, and shifting, but there is something else that only you can do to help. 

How Do I Prepare Myself for Movers?

Hiring movers and packers in Dubai are the best way to prevent yourself from stress and a much safer moving process. Hiring movers save you a lot of money and prevent you from everyday moving day stress. Professional moving companies know the best how to shift successfully your belongings that you may not, dissembling, loading, unloading, reassembling properly packing, and wrapping your mattress safely. To save your possessions from damage, they use the right materials throughout the move.

1. Before They Arrive

People start to plan for a move months before the moving day. In fact, almost all the moving checklists begin around 30 to 60 days before you move out. Everything is valuable for you, and there are several things that you can’t ignore.

Finish packing

Packing is an essential part of moving, and it should be done carefully because you cannot leave your items to get damage. Professional moving companies provide packing services to their clients, but if you have not contracted for packing service, the packing job is for you that you have to do yourself.

Strip the bed

Leaving your clothes in the closet, dishes in the cupboard and books on the shelf will not irritate your movers but it will take a longer time to relocate than it needs to. Make sure to pack all your stationery items, like books or papers into containers and boxes before the moving company arrives at your door.

For the easiness of your movers, you should remove and fold the blankets, pillowcases, and bedsheets so your movers and disassemble the bed frame and load the mattress onto the truck.

Unplug electronics

Unplug and disconnect all the electronic appliances while your movers are busy in packing other things. Movers are not interested in messing up with your gaming or computer setups. It would be best if you took care of that before they arrive.

Remove excess items

While movers are packing or taking care of other things for you, it is the best time for you to pay attention to moving or removing excess items that you don’t need anymore.

Please make a list of items you don’t want any more as you know you are moving, decluttering your home of unnecessary, any broken, or unwanted things and donating, or selling, or trash.

Label boxeshand with marker checking boxes

As you are packing items, make sure you label the boxes properly. Also, try to mention their destination so it will not help you in packing as well as your movers will know where to put them. If you have packed something breakable, label it with “fragile.” The movers will know these fragile boxes have something delicate in them so that they will load correctly with extra care. If you want to open some cases first, label them with unpacking first so the movers will load onto truck these “first open” boxes at last.

Measure furniture and doorways

Measure your furniture items and doorways correctly. You will surely don’t want to damage your valuable things while passing through doorways or narrow spaces.

Measure your furniture and doorways in case they will not pass through without disassembling certain pieces of them. If so, notify the movers.

Plan the parking for the moving truck

Movers will need space outside or around your house to park their truck. Make sure you have planned to acquire a parking space for the truck. The parking should be near your home, where movers can easily carry items out of your home and load them into the truck.

If you live in an apartment, look for any instructions for your or movers from the manager. Get permission for space for the truck and use of the elevator on moving day.

Pack What Your Movers Won’t Move

Moving companies will not do everything for us; there is something that movers will not move. Flammable, dangerous, or perishable are some items that moving companies are prohibited by law. Movers will never allow you to load these items into their truck. The best way to move these items is to load them into your vehicle. pitcure of glass with orange and lime

Offer Refreshments

Movers work hard to lift your heavy boxes, struggling with couches through the hallway, and trying hard not to damage any of your items down the stairs. It’s a nice sign to offer them some refreshments to keep them energetic, fueled, and hydrated.

Set up an area for refreshment with bottled water, snacks, and coffee. At noon, offer the crew to take a break and let them have lunch.

bucket of cleaning supplies

Clean House and Remove Dust From Fruniture

It’s not easy to clean all the house with luggage, but it’s a nice time to clean your home when it’s empty. 

If possible, visit your new place and clean it all over before the truck arrives. Please do the same for your old location and make sure to make it move-in ready for the next family. If it’s not possible to clean all once, clean up each room when it’s emptied.

Keep pets and kids away

Pets and kids can slower the process of moving. Don’t let them interrupt the movers when they are busy in moving your house.

If you are unable to arrange for off-site care, then at least keep them away from the movers’ working path. You can let pets enjoy themselves in an empty room with some toys or food. For kids, any member of your family can trip them to a nearby park or a water park to keep them busy.

Take snaps and inventory of the items

After creating a moving checklist and decluttering the items, it’s time to take their pictures and create inventory. By doing so, you will know about their pre-move conditions. Also, you are sure if anything is missing from the items or there was no damage before the move.

Create a special box for “The last Load”

Create a box for daily use items. You will use these items on the first night. If your car doesn’t have enough room to carry this box, inform movers to load this box in last. Here is a shortlist of popular items to put in the box:

  • Towels
  • Dish Towels
  • Garbage bags
  • Toiletries
  • Shampoos
  • Soaps
  • Shower curtain
  • First aid kit
  • Cleaners
  • Portable tool kit


No doubt, the crew of any moving company is intellectual, but every they can miss a few items here or there. 

Double-check each room for items that may have gotten left behind by the moving crew. These missing spots are medicine cabinets, dishwashers, the attic, and the drawer beneath the oven. 

Make sure the freezer and fridge are clean and empty. The moving crew will not be able to shift any food item for you. Turn off all the lights, switches, windows, and doors, just before everyone leaves.

Stay Out of Their Way!

Movers are professional in packing and moving, so there is no need to tell them how to pack and move each box. It would help if you only pointed to those items like fragile or tricky staircases. Let them use their experience and let things go in their way. If they have any questions, they will ask you.

Don’t Disappear

The moving crew may ask you some questions according to the situation that requires your cooperation, so don’t drag everyone to parks, theatres, or Disney for the day. Leave behind at least one person who can sit there to supervise them and pay the movers.


Hiring a professional moving company in Dubai for full-service doesn’t mean you can sit behind, twiddling your thumbs. You can do several things while your movers and packers are busy packing and moving your items. Always hire a quality moving company; it will not only charge them to lift heavy boxes but also make your move quicker and easier. Your only job is to supervise them and let them assist if needed. Make sure at the end of the activity, and your moving checklist is complete.

Planning weeks before the moving day, packing before the time, offering refreshments, keeping pets and kids out of the way, cleaning up or decluttering, and being available for any assistance help you make your move faster and safer.

At the Best Mover, we offer all kinds of packing and moving services in Dubai. We can take care of your house moving, office moving, villa moving of any full-service, long-distance, or last-minute move. Our movers and packers crew has moved several families into the home all over the country. Contact us +971 55 61 63 054 for a free quote.

tips and tricks on residential moving

Tips on House Moving in Dubai

Tips on House Moving in Dubai

Moving to a new place is sometimes is never easy as it sounds. There are a lot of things to do before and after a move. Finding the best house movers in Dubai is a work of nerves, and it can tend to a stressful and exhausting process. If you are moving the first time without any proper planning, you might face hurdles and other issues during your move. No matter you are moving across the town or country, your move can quickly be derailed.

Finding the best residential movers in Dubai is a work of nerves. But, all of this doesn’t mean your residential moving has a frustrating endeavor, but you can avoid these calamities of your shifting with a proper plan to ensure a smooth move. Below are some moving tips on residential moving that will help you to make your move successful.

10 Quick Tips on Residential Moving

1. Get Organized Early

To minimize your stress level, make all your planning in advance, and get organized as soon as possible. Make your shifting planning around 60 days before the moving day. It will help you in getting organized and to make your move smooth. Buy some moving magazines to get great tips to organize your move.

2. Figure Out Your Own Moving Plan

Decide the critical items first that need to be moved. Figure out your moving planning from point to point. To make your moving strategy, you can ask your neighbors who have moved recently or your friends or even from a professional local moving company. If you don’t want to bother with these things, you can hire a local moving company and make a plan for yourself. Residential movers/moving companies are the best sources to discuss your moving plan with them.

3. Seize the Opportunity to Purge

Keeping the unnecessary things along with you that you don’t use anymore, is not a good option. It will not cover more space, but it also will cost you more. Take the opportunity to get rid of these unneeded things that you no longer use. You can sell them or donate them to charity or needy people. For furniture items, you can put them onto sites like Craigslist, OLX, recycle, and other catalogs. In this way, you can reduce your space, and you will get some money.

4. Put Together a Packing Kit like a pro

Think and plan like a packers and movers company. Ask your family member and friends to help you with packing. Set them for some tasks to packing and labeling the moving boxes. If you have more rooms, then let them tackle rooms with one person, one room. Arm them with black markers, a pen, and other packing materials. It is the best way to save time and will help you to do more work in less time. Using this method, you can do packing before the moving day.

5. Label Each and Everything

The most common mistake people make during the move is they don’t label their boxes. The problem with this is when unpacking time comes up, they don’t know which item is packing in which case. Also, it takes too much time to find out which is a waste of time.

So, to make sure you unopen the right box, label all sides of the box. The mover’s persons may not be interested in facing the labeled size in front while unloading the moving boxes. Labeling every side will help you to find what you need in the stack—no matter which side is kept onto the ground.

6. Prepare a Moving Day Kit

It is essential to prepare a moving day kit as you will need on moving day. Set a box aside and place all the necessary items in it like light bulbs, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, a change of clothes, garbage bags, etc.

7. Be Ready for Your Movers

When you have hired movers in Dubai, like Best Movers, be ready for them as they show up at your door. Before the moving crew arrives at your doorstep, make sure you have packed everything. If you are confused about your boxes, it will result only in delay and can cost you more money.

8. Protect Your Valuables

If you don’t want to lose your valuable, keep them in a safe place to store on moving day. If you hired a moving company in Dubai, make sure you have purchased insurance for anything valuable or breakable. 

9. Hook Up Essential Services

Never forget to update your mailing address and utility bills. It is essential for you to how to transfer utility bills and mailing addresses. It would help if you made arrangements for the phone line, internet, and cable shortly after you move in.

10. Treat Your Movers

If you have called up your friends and other family members to lend you a hand and decided not to hire professional moversbe sure to serve them some food and drinks at the end of the move. A residential move is not an easy task, but you can eliminate a lot of stress by making a little pre-plan.

best residential movers comercial movers

How To Find Best Residential Movers and Packers Near Me?

There must be several moving companies near you who can assist you in moving your house or business. You can find these local moving companies by searching with Google, Yellow Pages, Yelp, or by asking people in your community.

Check reviews for each local residential mover before you choose any of them. 

Several residential moving companies offer your free in-house estimates. So, you can get an actual estimate for your move before hiring any moving company.

With experience of more than 13 years in moving & packing, Best Movers is one of the best residential movers in Dubai. We can assist you in shifting your house, office, furniture etc. 

When you hire Best Movers to move your business, we will take care of everything, from packing to the transportation of logistics.

With the help of our experienced moving crew, you can rest assured that your possessions are in professional hands.

To get a competitive moving quote or you have any questions, please email [email protected]. We offer long-distance moving, moving & storage services, and packing services in UAE. You can contact us or call +971 55 61 63 054. Whenever you demand any moving plan, call Best Mover. We will manage it all.