5 Questions to Ask Your Moving Company Before Hiring

Choosing the best movers can reduce your stress of difficult task packing and moving. For the ease of moving, do a favor to yourself by hiring the right moving company. As there are so many professional moving companies are working in your city, it is quite difficult to decide which will do your move perfectly. The following are mentioned 5 questions to ask your moving company before hiring them.

  1. Give Me Three References

Check out their background. Ask them how long they are in the business of moving. Request quotes, check their website, ask about their experience, references from at least three movers and their reviews on the internet. Check with the business bureau, if someone has filed any complaint against them. Always make sure they are licensed, certified and insured movers in Dubai before making your decision.

  1. What services do you offer?

All the moves do not require equal moving services, sometimes large items only require on part of the move. Like, if you have a pool table, a car or a piano, that needs to be moved, ask your company for specialized services you need. Inquire if this is possible that you only need them to help in a specific part of the move. For example, you rent a truck and they load it.

  1. Do you offer an in-house estimate?

Many of the movers give you estimates over phone calls but, it is necessary for you to get in-house estimates from three companies. Compare their services one by one. Always try to get everything in the paper.

  1. Will you create an inventory of my belongings?

Creating an inventory of belonging is a very helpful tool for you as you can secure your items. Professional moving companies in Dubai do it for all of your belongings to help keep a record. This method helps you in confirming that everything has moved safely.

  1. What happens if something gets broken?

No one is perfect and professionals break things too. It is wise to ask movers what happens if something gets broken? Many moving companies offer options to repair or replace items in case of breakage. If a mover provides this option with a high quote, this may be the smarter choice. After your move, check correctly to make sure all items reached safely and without damage. Walkthrough your assets to ensure movers did not break any wall and other areas. If you see anything, miss, after the movers leave, make a call and report it ASAP. Help others by online reviewing their moving company.

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