tips and tricks on residential moving

10 Tips and Tricks on Residential Moving

Moving to a new place is sometimes is never easy as it sounds. There are a lot of things to do before and after a move. Residential moving is a work of nerves, and it can tend to a stressful and exhausting process. If you are moving the first time without any proper planning, you might face hurdles and other issues during your move. No matter you are moving across the town or country, your move can quickly be derailed. All of this doesn’t mean your residential moving has a frustrating endeavour, but you can avoid these calamities of your shifting with a proper plan to ensure a smooth move. Below are some tips on residential moving that will help you to make your move successful.

1. Get Organized Early

To minimize your stress level, make a plane in advance, and get organized as soon as possible. Make your shifting planning around 60 days before the moving day. It will help you in getting organized and to make your move smooth. Buy some moving magazines to get great tips to organize your move.

2. Figure Out Your Move Strategy

Decide the critical items first that need to be moved. Figure out your moving planning from point to point. To make your moving strategy, you can ask your neighbours who have moved recently or your friends or even from a professional local moving company. If you don’t want to bother with these things, you can hire a local moving company and make a plan for you. Moving companies are the best sources to discuss your moving plan with them.

3. Seize the Opportunity to Purge

Keeping the unnecessary things along with you that you don’t use any more, is not a good option. It will not cover more space, but it also will cost you more. Take the opportunity to get rid of these unneeded things that you no longer use. You can sell them or donate them to charity or needy people. For furniture items, you can put them onto sites like Craigslist, OLX, recycle, and other catalogues. In this way, you can reduce your space, and you will get some money.

4. Put Together a Packing Kit

Ask your family member and friends to help you with packing. Set them for some tasks to packing and labelling the moving boxes. If you have more rooms, then let them tackle rooms with one person, one room. Arm them with black markers, a pen, and other packing materials. It is the best way to save time and will help you to do more work in less time. Using this method, you can do packing before the moving day.

5. Label Everything

The most common mistake people make during the move is they don’t label their boxes. The problem with this is when unpacking time comes up, they don’t know which item is packing in which case. Also, it takes too much time to find out which is a waste of time. So, to make sure you unopen the right box, label all sides of the box. The mover’s persons may not be interested in facing the labelled sized in front while unloading the moving boxes. Labelling every side will help you to find what you need in the stack—no matter which side is kept onto the ground.

6. Prepare a Moving Day Kit

It is essential to prepare a moving day kit as you will need on moving day. Set a box aside and place all the necessary items in it like light bulbs, cleaning supplies, toilet paper, a change of clothes, garbage bags, etc.

7. Be Ready for Your Movers

I have hired a professional mover, like Best Movers, be ready for them as they show up at your door. Before the moving crew arrives at your doorstep, make sure you have packed everything. If you are confused about your boxes, it will result only in delay and can cost you more money.

8. Protect Your Valuables

If you don’t want to lose your valuable, keep them in a safe place to store on moving day. If you hired a moving company for your move, make sure you have purchased insurance for anything valuable or breakable. 

9. Hook Up Essential Services

Never forget to update your mailing address and utility bills. It is essential for you to how to transfer utility bills and mailing addresses. It would help if you made arrangements for the phone line, internet, and cable shortly after you move in.

10. Treat Your Movers

If you have called up your friends and other family members to lend you a hand and decided not to hire professional moversbe sure to serve them with some food and drinks at the end of the move. A residential move is not an easy task, but you can eliminate a lot of stress by making a little pre-plan.

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